In this edition, Claire Swedberg brings market figures collected by RAIN, Edson Perin shows how sustainability has stimulated RFID and Mark Roberti talks about his commitment to education to evolve the market

Eef de Ferrante, managing director at Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, said during interview to the IoP Journal that the project gathers momentum as preliminary bid process begins

Retailer mandates, sustainability and AI are among the drivers this year for the RFID industry as it expands across industries and applications.


Why don’t I celebrate AI as a simple technological enhancement

Nick Bostrom, Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk, and other thinkers must not be wrong: there are lots of things to do before introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as something really good to the Human Civilization


QR codes simplify re-use of packaging in NYC restaurants

A unique QR codes track each package’s journey, the data serving as an inventory management tool

Connected Packaging for good with Jus de Fruits Caraïbes

More and more brands invest in connected experiences to help consumers become eco-minded, and taking one step further by doing good through incentivized charity donations

Beontag Launches Global Rebrand to Mark Next Phase of Growth

The company says its new branding signifies a commitment to 'enabling the future' via its portfolio of IoT solutions and sustainability-minded products.

AIPIA World Congress 2023 Report | 3 of 3

Find out about all the news about smart packaging from the world’s largest Smart and Intelligent Packaging event

AIPIA World Congress 2023 Report | 2 of 3

Find out about all the news about smart packaging from the world’s largest Smart and Intelligent Packaging event

Digital Product Passport: know more at RFID Journal LIVE!

The European Union established a timeline for adapting products to the new Digital Product Passport (DPP), which is part of a general strategy to the Circular Economy till 2050

Packaging Digitalization: welcome to the market time

Companies must be aware of their issues, keep eyes open to what is new and be prepared for the digital journey, because technology is no longer an option; it is mandatory

QR Code payments grow and will coexist with cards

Financial institutions believe that this type of model will impact other traditional means of payment, such as the cards themselves, bank slips, DOC and TED

Australians share experiences with RFID

Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is in use both to track and identify products and to support robotics operations and ESG initiatives

RFID tag has become a customer loyalty item in Brazil

At least the Brazilian Bank Itaú has already understood that tags for paying parking lots and tolls automatically offer amenities that benefit their brand

Waste management in autonomous grocery stores

Our waste management vision focuses on offering right products, at the right time, at the right price

RFID Journal announces its annual award winners

Among the RFID Journal Awards 2023 winners are four Brazilian companies: Correios, Hospital Albert Einstein, Pilkington Brasil and Lojas Renner



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