Sales director Denis Carvalho, in an exclusive interview with IoP Journal, discusses some challenges and presenting or maturing the marketplace as one of the strengths

With Haco's RFID solution, the company reduced the cost of inventories and improved its business processes, using GS1 standards

The company has been using GS1 standards since 2003, which facilitated entry into the Universal Postal Union (UPU) RFID system, for which Correios is the laboratory of the World


Mobile devices: does the operating system matter?

In the corporate environment, they are essential to meet customer demands and careful migration to Android is crucial to improve productivity and efficiency


Cemil tracks supply chain with QR Codes

SIG's Pac.Trust solution was adopted by the long-life milk and dairy company to give visibility to all product circulation and storage management

ZF Aftermarket boosts productivity with Avery Dennison tags

The mobility technology company improved performance by 18 percent with RFID tags in its division dedicated to auto parts replacement

ID-Cotton ships first load of 100 per cent traceable cotton

The operation was carried out on September 21 at the Port of Santos, Brazil, and bound for Vietnam, with the entire data of the origin of the Brazilian raw material

Lado Avesso tracks goods from factory to stores

The fashion brand implemented radio frequency identification (RFID) solution from iTAG Etiquetas Inteligentes, following GS1 standards, with benefits to its retailers

Cachaça Roma uses NFC to ensure product authenticity

The beverage company is using Avery Dennison's NFC technology to connect consumers with the brand and enhance the customer experience

Diebold Nixdorf offers IoT solutions for banks and retailers

The company, one of the world's largest providers of banking technology, uses the Internet of Things to, for example, monitor and maintain equipment

The convergence of 5G and IoT

The integration of these technologies is one of the factors that can drive society towards development, in addition to speeches about a new technological revolution

Spanish outlet operates with RFID in Brazil

Privalia takes advantage of suppliers' smart tags to integrate with its own stock and inventory control application

Toy factory adapts to customer’s technological demand

Calesita implemented RFID in its products in order to ensure stock control and traceability in the supply chain to the Havan stores and more

Brazilians increase autonomous vehicles intelligence

AGVS, an autonomous vehicle company, is using RFID technology from eSolutech to make its solutions more competitive and, soon, even more complete

Brazilian post company starts using RFID in its cargo

The global postal modernization project was initiated in Correios Brazil supported by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the United Nations agency (UN), and GS1 standards

RFID company uses its own technology to control inventories

iTAG, one of the largest Brazilian radio frequency identification technology developers, uses the system implemented in customers to manage the tags in its own bureau



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