RFID solution with Impinj technology aims to eliminate failures in the marking and identification of harvested bales, which guarantees more quality and better price

Apps for smartphones and smart packaging can make it easier to control people's calories and even avoid allergy triggers

There will be no major changes on the horizon, but changes that have been accelerated by the pandemic and will require adaptation by manufacturers


System ensures operational efficiency for IoP

Dynatrace's platform tracks the entire technology infrastructure for errors through artificial intelligence that meets the demands imposed by Covid-19


Why the livestock industry has no RFID meat

Despite the reluctance of some organizations to adopt mandatory marking in the United States, the technology may be beneficial to the cattle supply chain

Ceitec encapsulates 1 million chips per month

The Brazilian company has just been approved by a customer targeted to reduce dependence from Chinese suppliers, after Covid-19

Technology speeds up processes for home sales

UpperBag, an e-commerce company that sends goods to customers for in-house testing before purchase, adopted RFID to manage the goods

IoP Journal becomes AIPIA’s media partner

Companies announce the partnership to improve information flows for the packaging industry about Smart Packaging activities before, during and after AIPIA events, starting with Virtual Congress, on Sep 10, 2020

Biomechanics makes inventory of 140 thousand items in one day

The operation of the Brazilian orthopedic prosthesis factory took 15 days, before the implementation of the radio frequency identification (RFID) solution

Visa announces 1 billion distributed NFC tokens

The credit card company informs that through its Visa Token Service (VTS) there are more than 8,200 issuers using the service in 150 markets worldwide

Hershey uses its packaging intelligently: as media

IoP Journal interviewed Marcel Sacco, General Director of Hershey Brasil, to learn about the company's vision on Smart Packaging trends, including in Brazil

One person inventory 15,000 pieces in an hour

The For Boys For Girls store chain invests in greater efficiency and agility through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology

How Brick & Mortar became Brick & Mobile

From Brick and Mortar to Brick and Mobility: author proposes how technology, digitization and strategy can help retailers overcome the Covid-19 crisis

MCTI announces R$ 50 million for IoT via Finep

MCTI Minister, astronaut Marcos Pontes, announced the resources for what he called 4.0 initiatives, including Internet of Things

Digital printing, yes; and with a lot of creativity

Technology allows high level of creativity, which is essential to challenge what has already been created, stimulate tests, gain versatility and push the limits

MPL Group controls inventories with more than 99% efficiency

In 2019, the clothing manufacturer from Goiás earned 2 million pieces, from 36 thousand SKUs, a volume that demands greater visibility of inventories and the entire supply chain.



Our database includes articles from the RFID Journal Brasil from 2011 to 2020.