Sisplan and iTAG implement business with technology in SC

The adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) by companies in the state has become a business necessity, thanks to the stimulus of large retail chains

Edson Perin

For years, companies from different markets and geographic locations have been alerted to the need to adapt to the use of cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency and eliminate business losses. Currently, with the expansion of automation by radio frequency identification (RFID) and gains from robust Industry 4.0 and Internet of Packaging (IoP) processes, manufacturers in all segments, be it apparel, durable goods, food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, among others, are quickly adapting to the new business reality in their ecosystems.

Using an enterprise management system (ERP), for example, has not been an option for several years. Many companies, out of sheer denialism, lost competitiveness and had to fight bravely to survive, when they realized the waste of time to which they were subjected, while seeking the loss due to the delay in the adoption of management technology. Meanwhile, other less flexible or more backward companies have simply failed.

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The same risk process is taking place today with the myopic view of business of some entrepreneurs who insist on not accepting the processes of change, acceleration, gain in competitiveness, control of processes and physical inventories, among other advances that RFID technologies and Packaging Internet (Packaging) are bringing to the 21st Century companies. While some companies have already started to look for their suppliers, to study the technologies, others, unfortunately – consciously or unconsciously -, are applying to close their doors.

In the wake of advances, Sisplan, ERP company from Santa Catarina (SC), and iTAG, one of the largest RFID and Internet of Packaging implementers in the Brazilian market, including international operations, decided to join forces to offer the solutions that the market is demanding from several companies, mainly in the clothing industry, in the Santa Catarina region.

In other words, large retailers such as Lojas Renner, C&A e Havan are using RFID and IoP in their processes, and – thus – requiring their suppliers to ship goods with electronic tags. It is a path of no return that requires, in addition to the constant improvement of the quality of the products, a business vision with cutting-edge technology, allowing traceability, location and control of stocks with a very high level of reliability and accuracy.

Watch the exclusive interview to IoP Journal with Maicon Berkembrock, director of Sisplan, to understand the technological partnership with iTAG and the benefits that the partnership between two leading Brazilian companies will bring to companies that already use ERP from the systems developer from Santa Catarina.

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