There are examples scattered around the world, showing how self-service can bolster customer satisfaction and help connect digital and physical strategies

Companies seek more competitiveness with solutions that guarantee fast e-commerce deliveries and always well-stocked store shelves

It will increase pressure on companies to reduce or eliminate unnecessary packaging as a way to reduce their climate impact within all scopes of operation

Mobile devices: does the operating system matter?

In the corporate environment, they are essential to meet customer demands and careful migration to Android is crucial to improve productivity and efficiency

Crypto fashion: far beyond digital signature

The motivation behind the implementation of NFTs has the enormous potential in guaranteeing the authorship of designers, stylists and artisans, as everything will be registered on the network

The convergence of 5G and IoT

The integration of these technologies is one of the factors that can drive society towards development, in addition to speeches about a new technological revolution

The future of Industry 4.0

The impactful digital transformation has less to do with technology and more with the people who use it, according to analysis by Leonardo Vieira, from Stefanini Group

Find out the winners of the AIPIA Challenge 2020

Brands present their needs and wishes for solutions on Smart Packaging so the market suppliers can make their proposals

New horizons for the packaging industry

There will be no major changes on the horizon, but changes that have been accelerated by the pandemic and will require adaptation by manufacturers

Why the livestock industry has no RFID meat

Despite the reluctance of some organizations to adopt mandatory marking in the United States, the technology may be beneficial to the cattle supply chain

How Brick & Mortar became Brick & Mobile

From Brick and Mortar to Brick and Mobility: author proposes how technology, digitization and strategy can help retailers overcome the Covid-19 crisis

Digital printing, yes; and with a lot of creativity

Technology allows high level of creativity, which is essential to challenge what has already been created, stimulate tests, gain versatility and push the limits