Investment in iTAG's RFID technology favors materials in stock traceability, precision in stored products control and agility in inventories

Owner of clothing brands in the municipality of Cianorte (PR) adopted iTAG technology to gain agility in the entry and exit processes on her CD

At IoP Journal World congress, experts and authorities conclude that the country's characteristics demand solutions to solve specific problems, such as cargo theft

Current scenario increases demand for Smart Packaging

Speakers from the international panel of the IoP Journal World conclude that opportunities for IoP deployments in businesses across a range of industries are on the rise

Porto Brasil Ceramica sees more benefits from RFID

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) system that dropped the time to count items on pallets for a few seconds can now be seen as an ally to retain customers

SIG gains productivity in Brazil and reduces paper use

The implementation of the iTag RFID technology enabled gain of agility to identify packaging used by customers, especially a company in the dairy sector

Gerdau uses RFID to increase security and reduce human error

The adoption of radio frequency identification by the company should provide benefits beyond expectations, with greater visibility and increased employee productivity

Rafik Group automates manual processes and eliminates errors

The company which produces 60,000 garments a month and sells in its Brazilian stores has adopted radio frequency identification (RFID) solution

Fashion Brand Gains Business Efficiency via RFID

Makenji, a manufacturer of women's and men's fashion, now tags all of its products, reducing costs and boosting its competitiveness.

ID-Cotton guarantees cotton quality from the agriculture

RFID solution with Impinj technology aims to eliminate failures in the marking and identification of harvested bales, which guarantees more quality and better price

Logistics company tracks vehicles efficiently

Saturn knows where each car is parked or when they move, thanks to a system that combines RFID with QR Code

Technology speeds up processes for home sales

UpperBag, an e-commerce company that sends goods to customers for in-house testing before purchase, adopted RFID to manage the goods

Biomechanics makes inventory of 140 thousand items in one day

The operation of the Brazilian orthopedic prosthesis factory took 15 days, before the implementation of the radio frequency identification (RFID) solution