Korde leverages tracking power for sustainability

The GS1 Brazil initiative acts as a center of excellence for supply chains with consulting, connecting data intelligence and corporate education for companies

Edson Perin

As a result of GS1 Brasil’s consulting expertise, Korde arrives on the market as an initiative focused on experience in the best practices of product registration and on the traceability process, which meets both the current legislation of each sector, and brings a competitive advantage to industry and retail. Thus, the GS1 initiative analyzes the functional architecture of each business, providing the direction for digital transformation. As a core value, Korde lists ensuring that customers minimize risk and make use of automation integrated with people, processes and technology.

Korde also provides training, with the objective of bringing training to the market on topics such as automation, logistics and trends. The content offered in the form of trails contributes to delivering structured knowledge, through specialized market instructors, encompassing new processes, technologies and regulations. Educational actions take place online or in person.

To tell us more about this GS1 initiative, the IoP Journal spoke with Cláudia Carvalho, Korde’s new business manager, who showed how the topic of sustainability is being addressed to offer companies opportunities from tracking solutions to advanced concepts such as the Circular Economy.

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Among Korde’s fronts, Cláudia presented circular supply chains, which involve traceability, reverse logistics, refurbishment and remanufacturing; ESG, through actions focused on technical and legal diagnoses and process automation; supply chain efficiency and AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture); patient safety and UDI (Unique Medical Device Identification); food safety; and product data intelligence.

The executive highlighted that, to promote business changes with a unique consulting model, Korde works with the aim of generating chain visibility – analysis of operational processes focused on automation and traceability, from the supply of inputs for manufacturing to retail and safe consumption; traceability – definition of business rules and requirements to be followed when developing a traceability system; logistical efficiency – recommendations and support for equipment acquisition; and, to top it off, organization and methods – development and structuring of means for achieving business objectives.

On the training side, Korde offers certification and knowledge, following a philosophy of “education that transforms”. According to Cláudia Carvalho, “We have been bringing training to the market for over 35 years through GS1 Brasil. Our team is connected to more than 150 countries, sharing global best practices to solve pain and promote effective business change. Korde’s objective is to go further, in offering topics and acting as an advisor, advising our clients in the closest and most consultative way in their decision-making. Our consultancy work is complementary to the advice provided to GS1 Brasil associates and is not restricted to associated companies, as Korde provides services to the business community in general”.

Korde intends to contribute to issues such as: traceability in different sectors; processes for the health and food chain, from farm to table; product data technology and intelligence; innovation and processes for supply chain with 2D code, such as QR Code and Datamatrix.

Click here to watch the full interview.