IoP Journal becomes AIPIA’s media partner

Companies announce the partnership to improve information flows for the packaging industry about Smart Packaging activities before, during and after AIPIA events, starting with Virtual Congress, on Sep 10, 2020

IoP Journal, based in Brazil, and AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association), in the Netherlands, have signed a Media Partnership Agreement aimed to give more visibility to AIPIA events and content produced by both parties, related to Smart Packaging, for selected markets. In this way, IoP Journal will keep its readers informed about what is happening in most areas of these technologies, including the Virtual Congress on 10th September 2020.

IoP Journal, a pioneer journalism company aimed at the Smart Packaging industry, will cover all AIPIA events, publishing content in Portuguese, English and other languages. The content aims at the Brazilian market, but also at North America, Latin America and other parts of the globe. AIPIA will also publish content from IoP Journal on its website. IoP Journal will create an AIPIA Section in its websites.

The best content for the Smart Packaging Ecosystem

The content produced by IoP Journal for AIPIA events will have different formats, including text and videos, focusing on educational subjects, to let more companies understand how the smart packaging market is growing and transforming. It will show how we will use more and more new technologies and concepts to manage brands and its consumer relationships.

Identifying and Tracking products is one fundamental step in this New Packaging World. There are also many other needs that can be addressed by the same technologies, such as Authenticition, Anti-Counterfeiting, Market Diversion, Reducing Food Waste and improved Shelf Life. Another important feature is Customer Engagement, which can be significantly increased by this technology. Last, but highly important, companies will be able to become more Sustainable, making it more easy to reprocess packaging and combining this to the power of engaging increasing numbers of consumers to recycle more.

IoP Journal’s weekly newsletters will also have AIPIA communications, involving banners to articles, always leting professionals and companies find what they need at IoP Journal and on the AIPIA website and covering its events.

“We are delighted to form this partnership with IoP Journal,” said Eef de Ferrante, managing director of AIPIA, “It enables us to extend our reach and messages to a new audience and in a highly professional way, through this highly regarded journal. We look forward to increasing the Smart Packaging sector’s development through this agreement,” he added.

Edson Perin, editor and founder of the IoP Journal, says that the agreement with AIPIA targets the development of the Smart Packaging Industry. “It is a great step for us to have this partnership with AIPIA, what we have in our objectives since we have started IoP Journal. It is not just a Media Partnership, but the construction of a tool that will help the market to move faster into the high-technology packaging industry”.

IoP Journal has already covered many AIPIA events from last year: the New Jersey Summit, in USA; the China Summit, in Shanghai; and, of course, the World Congress, in Amsterdam, closing the year with a golden key!



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