The company's solution integrates customer experience with sustainability and is available to companies in the food, pharmaceutical, beauty and other industries

As a global provider of sports timing technology, Race Result worked in partnership with CISC to develop and enhance its RFID readers

Alpargatas, owner of the Brazilian slippers company, launched the RFID pilot in its operation in California and has already increased sales with Seeonic’s platform

Case Lojas Renner is a finalist for the RFID Journal Awards 2022

The company, leader in omnichannel fashion retail in Brazil, adopted RFID technology to improve the accuracy of its inventories

Hershey’s smart packaging honors women

With an HP Indigo 20000 digital press from the Brazilian Camargo Cia de Embalagens, 320,000 limited edition #HerShe chocolate bars were made

Riachuelo invests in intelligent inventory management

Mozaiko RFID solution, from Stefanini Group, will make possible to know the quantity and location of products, in real time, step by step at the supply chain

A Principal is a pioneer in RFID in North-Northeast Brazil

The retail company from Para, focused on items for babies and moms, implemented iTAG's radiofrequency identification system to better control its inventories

Grupo Cristina eliminates operational errors and inventory cost

With Haco's RFID solution, the company reduced the cost of inventories and improved its business processes, using GS1 standards

Via Marte uses GS1 standard in pioneering e-commerce via Correios

The company has been using GS1 standards since 2003, which facilitated entry into the Universal Postal Union (UPU) RFID system, for which Correios is the laboratory of the World

NTK Confecções reduces operation from one hour to 10 minutes

The company based in Brazil has been reaping the benefits of iTAG's radio frequency identification (RFID) technology since May 2021, and continues to expand its deployment

Cemil tracks supply chain with QR Codes

SIG's Pac.Trust solution was adopted by the long-life milk and dairy company to give visibility to all product circulation and storage management

ZF Aftermarket boosts productivity with Avery Dennison tags

The mobility technology company improved performance by 18 percent with RFID tags in its division dedicated to auto parts replacement

ID-Cotton ships first load of 100 per cent traceable cotton

The operation was carried out on September 21 at the Port of Santos, Brazil, and bound for Vietnam, with the entire data of the origin of the Brazilian raw material