Digital Product Passport: know more at RFID Journal LIVE!

The European Union established a timeline for adapting products to the new Digital Product Passport (DPP), which is part of a general strategy to the Circular Economy till 2050

Edson Perin

The world’s most important Internet of Things (IoT) conference and exposition RFID Journal LIVE! 2023 will discuss opportunities and challenges with the Digital Product Passport (DPP), created by the European Union to achieve Circular Economy goals till 2050. The event will be held on May 9-11, in Orlando, Florida, at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center.

I will be there to tell you why the world of Smart Packaging was transformed in 2022 when the European Union established a timeline for adapting products to the new DPP rules. The EU also issued deadline for reaching the mandatory status of Circular Economy through production lines of products to be sold in Europe.

Edson Perin, editor
Edson Perin

In the session (Digital Product Passport Reinforces the Power of Smart Packaging, Room: W314A, Wednesday, May 10, 2023, 10:25 AM – 11:10 AM), I will explain how DPP concept reinforces Smart Packaging as a set of tools that integrate global technological solutions for tracking, authenticity, sustainability, and customer experience.

You will also learn how the first Smart Packaging Center of Excellence in the Southern Hemisphere, Sincpress, is pioneering the way in Brazil by creating conditions, disseminating ideas, and implementing Circular Economy solutions.

LIVE! will also feature the Ask the Experts booth, in which industry experts will answer your questions. For the past several years, the booth has been coordinated by Ernesto Castagnet, a partner at AIDC and telecommunications systems integration company INSIS S.R.L., and a professor at Universidad Nacional del Sur and UTN-FRBB, in Argentina. Castagnet earned a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from Ohio University.

Digital Product Passport: know more at RFID Journal LIVE!

At the conference, attendees can book time with an expert and privately discuss any questions they might have related to selecting vendors, creating requests for proposals, deploying projects or anything else they might wish to know. The experts featured are typically academics, along with a handful of trusted systems integrators and consultants.

Digital Product Passport or DPP

This year, those manning the Ask the Experts both will be Terry Alderson (consultant, RFID Global Solution), Jon Andresen (consultant, Technology Solutions Consulting), Kevin Berisso (professor, University of Memphis), Mark Brown (consultant, RFID4U), Ernesto Castagnet (professor, Universidad Nacional del Sur and UTN-FRBB), Jason Catchings (consultant, Argo Wireless), Tali Freed (professor, Cal Poly PolyGAIT R&D Center), Mark Roberti (consultant, RFID Strategies), Fabiano Negrao (consultant, EY), Josef Preishuber-Pflugl (consultant, Innobir) and me, Edson Perin (editor, IoP Journal).

If you want to know more about DPP session, click here.

Edson Perin is the founder and editor of Netpress, the communication company that owns the rights to IoP Journal