ACURA launches RFID reader for vehicle access control

The EDGE-30R+ AutoID offers ease of installation, maintaining its technical qualities of access security and resistance for use in outdoor areas

IoP Journal

ACURA Technologies has just released an updated version of one of its most popular UHF RFID readers: the EDGE-30R+ AutoID. The equipment has a modern design and easier installation, eliminating the need for coaxial cables. Just use two conventional network cables, one for PoE power and one for communication.

The reader performs automatic tag reading, sending data directly to a PC or controller, in real time, using the most common protocols on the market: TCP/IP, Wiegand (26/34 bits), RS-232 and Abatrack. Configuration can be done via an HTML page, directly from a browser and without needing an API or SDK.

In addition to easy installation, the EDGE-30R+ AutoID is IP67 certified (protection against water and dust, as long as its RJ-45 plug is properly connected), which guarantees the integrity of the reader in cases where it is placed outdoors, such as gates or entrances to parking lots.

The reader, approved by ANATEL, uses the main protocols to facilitate its use in any application: from PoE power in the IEEE802.3af standard to the EPC Gen2 protocol for reading up to six meters of passive tags, the EDGE-30R+ AutoID is a solution for different situations and environments.

Ricardo Kimura

With its performance features, compact dimensions (21.5 x 21.5 x 8.3 centimeters) and simplicity of installation, the scanner reduces the risk of errors in deployment or the creation of unwanted bottlenecks. The concern, according to a note from ACURA, was precisely to develop a device capable of solving security and performance problems, working as a vehicle access control solution in the most intuitive way possible.

As it contains the AutoID Secure system, the equipment only reads the tags correctly configured with the Secure Code (CS). “It is a device that has the most advanced in RFID technology”, says Ricardo Kimura, general director of ACURA. According to the executive, this equipment is the result of years of research and development. “We’ve enhanced and optimized the reader to ensure it’s perfect for vehicle safety solutions.”