Sincpress points out the benefits of Augmented Reality in packaging

Cases such as Tintas Coral and Bauducco are examples in Brazil of how AR technology can stimulate sales and bring consumers and brands closer

Edson Perin

Augmented Reality (AR) solutions are on the rise and growing thanks to the potential to facilitate consumers’ understanding of the use of new devices and also to bring them closer to manufacturers through packaging. Sincpress, the first center of excellence in smart packaging in Latin America, offers consulting and solutions in this segment, and has followed the use of technology in the Brazilian market.

In an exclusive interview with IoP Journal, the main executive of Sincpress, Paula Valerio, and the specialist in intelligent packaging with Augmented Reality, Rodolfo Machado, gave an overview of what is on the rise in the Brazilian market in this area. Click here to watch the video – like and sign up to the IoP Journal Channel on Youtube.

Click here to watch the video

Paula says that the main motivator for the use of Augmented Reality by companies is the need to create a better use experience for the consumer. “When we talk about Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, although it is already widespread today, it still causes a lot of enchantment. Whether among the younger or older audience, there is still much to be explored for consumer engagement and delight.”

“Most of the consumer’s relationship with brands today”, says Paula, “happens through the packaging, especially when we talk about sales that often don’t happen at a physical point, in a physical store. It’s cool to bring this innovation”, attests Paula. “The interaction of products with children today goes through the digital experience”.

Furniture companies are offering AR to check if a piece, for instance, fits in the place where it is intended to be placed

According to Rodolfo Machado, almost everyone today has a smartphone, including in Brazil, which facilitates access to the Augmented Reality resource. “Tintas Coral launched an application that allows consumers to test colors before calling a painter and physically performing the service”. Machado also informs that furniture companies are offering the technological resource, which has been used to check if a piece of furniture, for instance, fits in the place where it is intended to be placed.

Paula cited examples of uses in the food and beverage markets. “Bauducco and McDonald’s, if I’m not mistaken, have already adopted Augmented Reality solutions to serve children.”