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Why don’t I celebrate AI as a simple technological enhancement

Nick Bostrom, Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk, and other thinkers must not be wrong: there are lots of things to do before introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as something really good to the Human Civilization

RFID Talks: How AI interferes with RFID and vice versa

Discover the views of three international experts: Claire Swedberg, editor of RFID Journal; Mark Roberti, founder and former editor of RFID Journal; and Edson Perin, former editor of RFID Journal Brasil and editor of RFID Talks

Mercado Livre adopts RFID to improve RTI management

Implemented by Seal, the project aims Returnable Transport Items (RTI) and was designed to bring operational gains in one of the world's largest e-commerce logistics operations

Research shows evolution of connected packaging

Conducted by Appetite Creative, the study reveals that 82% used Connected Packaging in 2023 and 78% believe it will improve corporate sustainability credentials

Packaging production in 2023: conserving resources wherever possible

Manufacturing grass paper uses significantly less water, less energy, requires no chemicals and releases almost five times less CO₂ than conventional paper production

QR codes simplify re-use of packaging in NYC restaurants

A unique QR codes track each package’s journey, the data serving as an inventory management tool

Connected Packaging for good with Jus de Fruits Caraïbes

More and more brands invest in connected experiences to help consumers become eco-minded, and taking one step further by doing good through incentivized charity donations

Luciana Pellegrino now also chairs the World Packaging Organization

The executive director of the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) has a three-year term at WPO and gave an exclusive interview to IoP Journal about her action plan

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RFID Talks brings a broad vision of AIDC’s trends

Claire Swedberg, Edson Perin, Mark Roberti, and with other invited specialists share their knowledge and privileged vision regarding Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)