Riachuelo invests in intelligent inventory management

Mozaiko RFID solution, from Stefanini Group, will make possible to know the quantity and location of products, in real time, step by step at the supply chain

Edson Perin (with institutional material from Mozaiko)

Riachuelo, retail network that is part of the Grupo Guararapes, is investing in radio frequency identification (RFID) for intelligent and accurate traceability and inventory management. The partner chosen to implement the technology in its products was Mozaiko, from Grupo Stefanini, that integrates real-time data to simplify and optimize retail and logistics processes.

Mozaiko’s RFID solution makes it possible to track parts throughout the production chain, from the factory to the store, bringing the advantage of controlling the quantities and location of the articles. “Riachuelo’s priority with this application is accuracy. The brand seeks accurate information about the quantity and location of products at each point in the supply chain, from manufacturing at the Guararapes Group’s manufacturing units, located in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte State) and Fortaleza (Ceara State), passing through its various Distribution Centers in Guarulhos (Sao Paulo State), Natal and Manaus (Amazonas State), reaching the current 343 Riachuelo stores throughout Brazil”, says George Millard, CEO of Mozaiko, who spoke exclusively to the IoP Journal. Click here to watch the full interview.

Click here to watch the full interview

The implementation process began at the Natal plant, in June last year, with RFID dispatch control of the entire production. In September, it advanced to the next stages, enabling the control of items manufactured by Riachuelo. “The great challenge of a technology project like this is the engagement of internal teams in the movement of cultural change. In the end, it is not enough to change processes and adopt super technologies if people are not on board with this mindset transformation. we are placing due importance on this point, with a lot of training and engagement of Riachuelo professionals for the success of the implementation”, explains Millard.

The solution hired by Riachuelo aggregates Mozaiko’s Logistics and Retail modules, allowing the control of the supply chain and inventory management, with the possibility of adding other services, such as smart fitting rooms, which allow the user to see inside the cabin – through a screen – the availability of colors, sizes and the quantity of pieces present in the store and, from a click, request the item from a seller.

“From the implementation of the RFID solution to manage logistics, a series of opportunities open up, focused, including, on improving the customer experience, with the use of smart fitting rooms, automation systems for points of sale (POS) , touchless payment, among other resources. We believe that in the future Riachuelo will embrace these possibilities in its flagships and omnichannel hubs, as they promote the connection between the physical and digital world, transforming the physical store into a point of engagement and customer retention. Choosing to use RFID technology is the first step towards a more technological and dynamic future, which enables better financial results for the brand”, concludes the executive.

Mozaiko is a company that has been developing IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for over 10 years to optimize and simplify retail and logistics processes. The solutions integrate product data with RFID technology in real time, which ensures item traceability, streamlines inventory checks and controls losses in operations, reducing costs, errors and delivering operational efficiency. This greater efficiency improves the experience of the retail segment, logistics operators and industry, in addition to increasing their financial returns.