iTAG Expands Business Borders with Branch in Paraguay

iTAG’s operation in the South American country completes one year, attracting clients the size of Nike and companies from different sectors, including optics and textile retail

Edson Perin

More than a year ago, iTAG RFID Solutions Paraguai began accelerating its presence in the neighboring country of Brazil as a result of the growing demand for radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to control the inventory and distribution of products, especially in the textile, footwear and optical industries. According to the executive of iTAG Paraguay, Led Monteiro, there are tax incentives to attract companies from different sectors, especially those that provide cutting-edge technology, such as iTAG.

Monteiro explains that there are still no professionals trained in RFID in Paraguay and that iTAG has trained its workforce in the country to be able to serve customers, which currently include Nike, for example. “Imported Nike products arrive with RFID tags, applied at origin. We at iTAG provide the infrastructure here in Paraguay for these RFID tags to be read, to facilitate the management and control of stocks and distribution of goods.”

Other companies in Paraguay have also sought out iTAG to take a leap into the 21st Century and transform their businesses to adapt to the new market rules. Find out more by watching the full interview with Led Monteiro, from iTAG RFID Solutions Paraguay. Click here.

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