GS1 Holds International Healthcare Event in Brazil

Ricardo Melo, executive at GS1 Brasil, stated that the Healthcare Global Conference will be held in São Paulo (SP), from October 3rd to 5th, with the goal of connecting the future of healthcare with a simple scan

Edson Perin

38th GS1 Healthcare Global Conference will be carried out by GS1 Brasil and GS1 International, from October 3rd to 5th, in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. The event will bring together healthcare professionals from around the world to share experiences, learn from each other and discuss the challenges and successes of harmonization using GS1 standards.

“Our three-day hybrid conference will host speakers from various sectors of the healthcare sector, discussing updates, experiences and best practices on pharmaceutical traceability, hospital transformations and unique device identification (UDI) regulations”, explained Ricardo Melo, executive at GS1 Brasil and responsible for the event, who spoke exclusively to the IoP Journal TV (click here to watch the full interview)

All conference sessions are open to anyone interested in the latest developments and best practices in the healthcare industry. This includes healthcare professionals, regulators, suppliers, wholesalers, hospital administrators, solution providers, researchers and GS1 member organizations.

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Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge, network with peers, or explore new opportunities, attendees from diverse backgrounds and experience levels will benefit from the valuable insights and resources presented during the conference sessions.

In addition to the official program, there is a special invitation to enrich the experience of conference participants, through exclusive visits to the site. These visits offer a unique opportunity to explore the local healthcare landscape and gain valuable information.

“Immerse yourself in the world of state-of-the-art medical facilities, interact with key industry players and witness the seamless coordination of supply chain actors,” states GS1 in its official press release about the conference. “Our expert speakers from diverse sectors of the healthcare industry will share their knowledge, experience and best practices during the 38th GS1 Healthcare Global Conference.”

Several crucial topics will be covered at the event:

Ricardo Melo, GS1 Brazil

• Data management experiences of healthcare providers (interoperability, EHR implementation, digitalization…)

• Point-of-care digitization – pharmaceutical and medical devices

• Hospital Supply Chain and Logistics

• UDI – Efficient and Timely Implementations

• UDI – Data Management and Data Quality

• Healthcare Providers Leveraging UDI Mandates

• Global regulatory trends in the pharmaceutical sector: industry experiences

• Implementations of GS1 standards in the pharmaceutical supply chain

• Towards sustainable and reliable digital information (electronic brochure, Digital Link experiences)

The event will bring together global speakers from diverse healthcare-related backgrounds, including managers and executives working in government settings, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, service providers, as well as researchers, academics and other healthcare professionals.

There will be 13 plenary sessions led by world-renowned experts. Each session will be a thought-provoking exploration of cutting-edge topics.

The nine discussion sessions will feature workshops, along with the four “Ask the Expert” workshops, to provide a unique opportunity to interact directly with international authorities in their respective fields.

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