iTAG Portugal takes RFID solutions from Brazil to European Union

In partnership with the Portuguese company Cucabytech, iTAG opens its Portugal branch to trade radio frequency identification business solutions to EU customers

Edson Perin

iTAG Etiquetas Inteligentes started the process of internationalization of business with radio frequency identification (RFID) in the middle of the last decade, opening branches in Latin American countries and, also, in Asia. Now, iTAG, one of the largest business RFID solutions company supplier in Latin America, has opened a new branch to trade its radio frequency identification expertise to European Union (EU) customers.

Through the partnership with the Portuguese business technologies consulting company Cucabytech, iTAG decided to open the iTAG Portugal, business solutions company with radio frequency identification (RFID), to serve Brazilian customers operating in EU, in addition, of course, to native companies from the European Union. Pedro Cid Ferreira, CEO of Cucabytech, says that the partnership with iTAG will initially reach the markets of Portugal and Spain.

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“The world’s largest retail group is located in Spain, a few kilometers from Cucabytech’s facilities, located in the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal”, explains Ferreira, who says that RFID will be the engine for the evolution of European Union companies to the World 4.0. “There are many opportunities for financing RFID business projects in Portugal and other European countries, with investments from the European Union itself”.

According to Cucabytech surveys, some of the Portugal 2020 programs and the future support framework (Portugal 2030) will allow Portuguese companies and entities to obtain financing and tax incentives for different alternatives: HR recruitment (including highly qualified staff), production processes, management, Innovation and Development (R&D), digital transformation, sustainability, internationalization, among others.

For Rafael de Almeida, an executive at iTAG who is carrying out the first contacts between iTAG Portugal and Cucabytech, business opportunities in the Old World are on the rise. “Entrepreneurs in Portugal are also looking to increase the accuracy of RFID business and are at a time of great investment and growth potential, with greater demand for business solutions based on radiofrequency identification technologies”.

Almeida prepares a team of specialists and technicians to meet a demand well above average, as he expects in the coming months. “Here, it looks like Brás in its heyday… We are seeing many companies interested in investing and with resources to do so”.

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