Zebra points to positive outlook for 2022

Sales director Denis Carvalho, in an exclusive interview with IoP Journal, discusses some challenges and presenting or maturing the marketplace as one of the strengths

Edson Perin

The pandemic keeps going, the year 2022 brings the temperature of the Brazilian elections, but business will continue to grow. This is the perspective of the executive Denis Carvalho, sales director at Zebra Technologies Brasil, in an exclusive interview with IoP Journal. Carvalho pointed out some challenges of the current scenario and presented, among other important factors, the maturing of marketplaces as one of Brazil’s strengths in the new year.

“Our perspectives are very good, because everything that is happening now, this change in how large companies are interacting with the final customer, generates a constant search for improving processes, being more efficient and having a delivery that is increasingly adequate and personalized to the needs of each one; and, for you to have all this, investments in technology are necessary”, argues Carvalho.

Watch the full interview in Portuguese: click here

Zebra continues to work with a positive scenario for this year and the others, according to the Executive, stating that the growth trend should continue with all the technologies that the company provides, as well as last year. “Even new technologies have aroused great interest on the part of entrepreneurs, such as task management in stores, which allows for an increasingly productive team and following rules that will not expose the employer”, he adds.

The transition from Barcodes to 2D, such as QR Codes and GS1 Datamatrix, was also the subject of this interview – the subject was previously discussed with GS1 itself (learn more in Brasil lidera casos de transição de códigos de barras para 2D). “I just don’t understand how this didn’t happen a long time ago, because when with 2D Code, you can have a much more efficient capture, much more intelligence and interaction by whoever is doing the capture, be it the retailer or the end customer” , citing as an example the menus of restaurants by QR Codes, which can be accessed by personal device and even offer the option of placing orders.

In Carvalho’s opinion, the pandemic has caused changes that are disruptive and, at the same time, generally positive for everyone. “What happened was that during the pandemic, our traditional model of interacting with purchases was forced to change. It was a paradigm shift. Despite this, most people of all generations shopped online in this pandemic period. This all required massive investment from retailers and marketplaces to support this increase in demand.”

Watch the full interview in Portuguese: click here.

Foto original: Mithul Varshan