Ceitec encapsulates 1 million chips per month

The Brazilian company has just been approved by a customer targeted to reduce dependence from Chinese suppliers, after Covid-19

Edson Perin

The Brazilian state-owned semiconductor company Ceitec, a company under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação orMCTI), has just been recovered to perform the encapsulation of 1 million chips per month. One company was approved by a customer for the credit process, reducing dependence on suppliers in China, due to the post-pandemic period of Covid-19.

An information was confirmed by Paulo Luna, president of Ceitec, and Rodrigo Almeida, superintendent of the state-owned company, in a video interview for the IoP Journal [watch below]. Today, Ceitec holds 30% to 40% of the vehicle chip market in Brazil, that is, semiconductors that equip tags for automatic payment of tolls and also parking lots and other services.

Luna also anticipated a company launch for the next few weeks: a chip for the logistical market 82% smaller than its first version, launched in 2013. Another area highlighted by Luna was a research for a health area, thanks to knowledge – such as company without development of sensors and nanotechnology, used without the development of diagnostic kits, which are already in the form of a functional prototype. These products are expected to go into production in the coming months.

A Ceitec was created, focused on the purchasing power of the State, explains Luna, talking about the development of technology that a company has carried out in Brazil and the latest discussions about privatization of national chip factories. “There is a learning curve. You don’t own a technology and you are commercially successful so quickly in an industry like this [semiconductor]. This challenge must be carried out on the maturity curve”, he explains.

Ceitec’s chief executive also spoke about the importance of the role played by the cargo identification company in the country, including a contribution to the postal logistics sector, which is the UPU (United Post Union) international laboratory in the automation of the postal service. correspondence service, for the development of tire and footwear tracking, including Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives in the electricity sector.

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