Avery Dennison addresses smart packaging as business tool

The growth of e-commerce, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, created a new demand for advanced design and needs for Smart Packaging

Edson Perin

Avery Dennison has been one of the world’s companies that most develops and brings together knowledge about Smart Packaging and generates solutions that improve efficiency for the management of supply chains. In addition, and as a result, the company has invested in technologies that enable new experiences to improve sales of consumer products.

In a seminar held virtually for Brazil this Thursday, June 24, 2021, Avery Dennison brought to light valuable concepts on which it has been dedicated and that meet new market needs. After all, the growth of e-commerce, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, created a new demand for advanced packaging design and an increased need for Smart Packaging.

Avery Dennison’s virtual event: Fernanda Castro, center, Fabiana Wu and Ralph Olthoff

In one of the talks, titled Reinventing Labels Through Neuromarketing, Ralph Olthoff, Global Segment Director Wine&Spirits at Avery Dennison, explained how well-developed packaging must consider color, material and print quality, as well as shape and texture, to create a connection different and effective with consumers. “One wine package demonstrated that its greener colors were more attractive to women than to men,” explained Olthoff.

Avery executive Dennison also revealed that what packaging does in the physical world is not always reflected equally in the online world. “A package developed and successful in the physical world may not have the same effect in the online world. Therefore, given the important growth of e-commerce, especially due to the pandemic, we must consider the development of packaging that is more attractive in this scenario, including using neuromarketing resources.”

Another issue addressed in depth by the Avery Dennison event was the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, considered to facilitate new connections with customers, through a more direct relationship between the end consumer and the manufacturer. In addition to Amir Khoshniyati, Head of NFC Business North America at Avery Dennison, who mentioned some experiences and success stories using NFC features, including tuning in to QR Codes, Yonathan Lapchik, CTO of Suku World, spoke in his talk about how NFC is enabling you to reinvent consumer experiences, with augmented reality and other features.

“You can, for example, try out what a sofa you intend to buy in your living room would look like [through augmented reality] before you even buy it,” said Lapchik, explaining that through the Suku platform, used in conjunction with the Avery Dennison, you can understand the data generated by consumers. “A shampoo brand, for example, can interpret and manage consumer data, allowing targeted campaigns to be created.”

“In 2021, Avery Dennison begins the reconstruction of a more human, transformative, technological and planet-tuned reality. You are also invited to Re-Invent!”, said Fernanda Castro, Marketing Executive at Avery Dennison Brasil. “Invention is an ongoing event that goes far beyond creating something new. It is to propose new ways of showing, doing and solving. It is to masterfully bring new possibilities to what is already known”, added Fabiana Wu, RFID executive at Avery Dennison Brasil.



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