AIPIA Virtual Congress Update: Tequila Brand gets Smart

Serpiente bottles are equipped with NFC chips and the boxes are sealed with an inviolable label to ensure security, authentication and visibility in the supply chain


Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila is the first spirit under the umbrella of Mayo Akindele’s Houston, Texas based liquor importation company Nomad Spirits Company. This tequila is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave & bottled in one of a kind crystal glass king cobra bottles in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, he says. To make Serpiente, the distillery selects a mixture of 50% Highland Agave and 50% Lowland Agave and use naturally refined water that’s been treated via reverse osmosis and deionization.

In order to increase levels of product security, authentication and transparency in the supply chain, the bottles are equipped with NFC chips and the boxes are sealed with a tamper-proof NFC label. Utilizing blockchain technology and an embedded NFC chip, each bottle will have a unique digital ID that allows for chain of custody data to be captured & stored on an immutable ledger on the Ethereum blockchain.

Akindele will share the experience of developing this brand of tequila and how he is using smart packaging technology to further enhance the consumer experience in a User Case Study during the AIPIA Virtual Congress. He says the project began 18 months ago but has accelerated in the last 8 months, leading to the current stage of beta testing the NFC and blockchain elements.

He says the company has been working with an established US-based NFC chip company and a label manufacturing partner with a long history of making labels embedded with the NFC chips

The end consumer, through a tap of their NFC enabled device, will be able to verify the product’s authenticity through the chain of custody data displayed on the front end dashboard, via web browser (or dedicated app when applicable). The NFC chips also give Nomad the ability to interact with the consumer post purchase, providing an additional, more organic, direct to consumer marketing channel, it claims.

On the front end, consumers will have the ability to sign up for an exclusive membership club, accessible only through our NFC chips. Newsletters and marketing material will be sent out through the bottles for exclusives like private events, free merchandise, discounts & promos, increasing our end customer interaction and engagement.

To listen to Mayo tell his story register for the AIPIA Virtual Congress.

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