Sitex ERP operates in tune with iTAG’s RFID

The two companies have a partnership to act especially in the Northeastern states, with the potential to reach customers who manufacture garments in other parts of Brazil

Edson Perin

Technology companies iTAG Etiquetas Inteligentes and Sitex Sistemas entered into a partnership to act together in the Northeastern states, with the potential to reach customers who manufacture garments in other parts of the country. Sitex is specialized in industrial and commercial management system for the clothing sector (ERP) and has a strong presence in Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco and São Paulo. iTAG stands out in the radio frequency identification (RFID) market, with success stories in the business automation segment of large national brands, such as Havan, and international, like Levi’s.

Ribamar Mourada Filho, CEO of Sitex, says that today, with customers in three of the five regions of the country, Sitex is a company that provides services focused on quality, simplicity, usability and transparency, prioritizing customer support. “All our services were developed to provide convenience and meet the best possible demand and demand”, saying that Sitex systems were developed exclusively for the confection sector, from the entry of raw materials to the distribution of finished products .

The agreement with iTAG came about because of Mourada’s understanding of the benefits RFID could bring to Sitex’s customers. “Our city, Toritama [located 170 km from the capital of Pernambuco, Recife], is known as the capital of jeans. Sixteen percent of all jeans consumed in Brazil come from this small town, which attracts people from all over the country to buy, a time-consuming process that used to be carried out by barcodes”.

Mourada claims that iTAG’s technology caught his attention, as it performed the inventory counting operation almost instantly. “iTAG’s technology made me see how to manage this in a more dynamic, much faster and safer way. So, I contacted Sérgio Gambim, CEO of iTAG, to start the RFID project in the company Ditongo, which manufactures more than 200,000 pieces every month”.

The partnership between iTAG and Sitex thus generated the first success story of the joint initiative, with Ditongo as an example for the entire region, of the benefits of RFID technology used in a garment factory. “The month of December is the strongest month for the distribution of goods in the region and, as a result, many companies have come to us to implement the iTAG solution. However, we don’t have enough time to do it this year.”

Given this, says Mourada, the main focus this month was to finish the RFID deployment at Ditongo. “A sale that the company made in 10 minutes, can now complete in five seconds”, celebrates the CEO of Sitex, saying that queues were reduced at checkout. “Another difficulty Ditongo had was the arrival of production: carts were very full, with all the parts ready, and the manager had to input manually, with the Barcode or by typing in the product reference. With RFID, these minute operations can now be done in less than five seconds.”

The assessment that was carried out by ten people in three days now takes 48 minutes, with just one person, explains Mourada, adding: “iTAG’s technology will revolutionize the market in this region. iTAG is a company that is also concerned with the customer’s result; so, this iTAG-Sitex partnership will be a great achievement for the region.”

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