Porto Brasil Ceramica sees more benefits from RFID

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) system that dropped the time to count items on pallets for a few seconds can now be seen as an ally to retain customers

Edson Perin

Porto Brasil Ceramica, headquartered in the city of Porto Ferreira (Sao Paulo State, Brazil), adopted the radio frequency identification (RFID) system of iTag Etiquetas Inteligentes and, just three months after implementation, reduced the time for counting pallet items from 40 minutes to three minutes. The company, which has in stock more than 980 thousand items, also had other gains with the new processes, thanks to the precise control of inventory. Now, with the RFID experience increasingly under the control of its managers, the idea is to offer the benefits of technology to retailers who buy from the manufacturer.

Ana Carolina Varaldo, production manager at Porto Brasil Cerâmica, stated that the company has already entered into a partnership with one of its retailers that will now read RFID pallets at the entrance to its stocks. “The same benefit of agility in counting the goods that we have when leaving our factory will also be available to this company [cannot be identified yet]”, explained Ana, who believes that customer loyalty will be one of the additional results of the company’s RFID iTag.

The executive, who was one of the speakers at the international RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! event, has invested her creativity in imagining scenarios in which RFID can also function as a marketing and sales tool. One of these initiatives, which she explains in depth in the following video interview, concerns the use of colored ceramics and even different formats on the same dining table, for example.

Watch the interview (in Portuguese) of Ana Carolina Varaldo, from Porto Brasil Cerâmica, increasingly directing her company towards the concept of Smart Packaging and Smart Product:



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