Haleon Challenge demands everything Smart Packaging can give

The manufacturer of products like Advil and Sensodyne launched a challenge at the AIPIA Congress to achieve authenticity, Circular Economy and improvement of the buyer experience

Edson Perin

“I want everything Smart Packaging can offer” – that was the way Steve Walsh, an executive at Haleon, found to present his challenge to technology supplier companies, on the stage of the AIPIA Congress 2022, promoted by Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA), on November 14 and 15, 2022. That is, the manufacturer of products such as Advil, Voltaren and Sensodyne launched a challenge to obtain authenticity guarantee, Circular Economy, and improvement of the consumer experience.

AIPIA and Haleon came together ahead of the Amsterdam event to discuss the Active & Intelligent Packaging Challenge. According to Eef de Ferrante, Executive Director of AIPIA, more and more brand owners are recognizing that, with the rapid developments in the digital age, recycling, food waste and supply chain issues are on top of their concerns.

Onstage, Haleon’s Steve Walsh

“Packaging has a unique opportunity to play a significant role in enabling and facilitating connected platforms and providing greater consumer engagement and increased confidence in products,” he said.

De Ferrante believes that offering more sustainable products and promoting shelf life extension are part of these efforts. “As such, Haleon is looking to integrate Smart Packaging to enhance the consumer experience, provide traceability, increase safety and security, as well as extend shelf life or reduce waste.”

The three companies that presented the best proposals in the view of Haleon executives who attended the AIPIA Congress 2022 were Securiket, Ennoventure e Almascience. Each of these companies brought a complementary vision to the demands of the Haleon Challenge, with a total of more than a dozen having four minutes each to present their ideas and suggestions.