Find out the winners of the AIPIA Challenge 2020

Brands present their needs and wishes for solutions on Smart Packaging so the market suppliers can make their proposals

Andrew Manly, AIPIA

Two major brands participated in the AIPIA Challenge 2020, from Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA): the pharmaceutical giant Takeda and the international food giant Kraft Heinz. Both had presentations of more than 20 proposals during the event. Each supplier company had three minutes to present their product, service or concept to a panel of experts from these brands. This year, everything was online at the AIPIA Virtual Congress, so the difficulty factor was above the conventional scale.

In the end, everything went very well, as usual, in the event brilliantly coordinated by Eef de Ferrante, executive director of AIPIA. Each brand chose a group of four suppliers, with whom discussions will continue.

AIPIA Challenge 2020

Takeda chose the following companies:

Aptar: Active management of packaging with three-phase material for humidity control, elimination, microbial control, emitters and odor removal.

Neurotags: It provides each item with a unique, secure and traceable identity, called the Neurotags code. The solution allows the user to digitally engage patients throughout the drug’s life cycle without using an application.

Design Affairs (Accenture): Understanding the highly complex medication journey. It provides integrated end-to-end communication between packages and enables a circular and responsible product life cycle through internal innovation.

Wiliot: Bluetooth-connected packaging without battery for tampering and temperature detection, consumer involvement and adherence to the regime.

KraftHeinz chose the following companies:

Adrich: Growing Brands with post-purchase consumer insights using IoT and AI. Take the right product to the right consumer at the right time.

Systech: Creates revolutionary smart packaging to enhance brand value that begins with the product’s verified authenticity using bar codes on the packaging.

Jones Healthcare (packaging): It creates an immersive experience by re-imagining the once popular toy “in the packaging”, giving brands a fun and playable object with a home game value that encourages recurring remote involvement.

Itene: Use of multilayer structures in packaging materials based on biopolymers with reinforcements and additives tailored to achieve specific properties for each food application. The materials are compostable and formulated to achieve superior performance, such as barrier properties.

In addition, throughout the congress, TapWow did a treasure hunt based on hidden QR Codes. The award, a free ticket to the next AIPIA Congress, went to Kimberly Depraetere, from Allbox, Belgium. So, congratulations to her and we look forward to seeing her – and, in fact, all of you – at the AIPIA 2021 Congress!

You still have time to register and visit the Virtual Congress – each presentation, each booth – including an extra LIVE day in the booth area until October 7th.

Andrew Manly is Director of Communications for AIPIA in the Netherlands.

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