Cemil tracks supply chain with QR Codes

SIG’s Pac.Trust solution was adopted by the long-life milk and dairy company to give visibility to all product circulation and storage management

Edson Perin

Cemil, one of the most important dairy companies in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, announced the adoption of the Pac.Trust solution from SIG, in its operation in the city of Patos de Minas, to manage its entire logistics chain in real time. With Pac.Trust, Cemil can track the product through an automated system, by monitoring volumes from the package leaving the filling line to delivery at the points of sale.

This complete digitization of the logistical process eliminates the need for manual data collection and revalidations, which alleviates errors and deviations due to incorrect registration. The solution allows Cemil to reduce time in tracking measures and actions, simplify audits and bring even more security to all processes involved in the supply chain, through serialized QR Codes on product packaging.

The traceability process chosen by Cemil begins after filling the carton packs. Each item is individually coded with a 2D code that refers to batch data and filling time. In palletizing, a label is assigned to each pallet with a unique QR Code that allows relating the data of the products contained therein to the identification label and electronically monitoring their movement in real time by reading and distributing work orders, which are currently monitored throughout the entire storage and transport cycle to the point of sale. The system even allows identifying possible logistical bottlenecks.

For Carlos Rios, Digital Solutions Manager at SIG South America, this solution provides Cemil with better management of the entire logistics chain, in addition to more security for its customers: “The partnership with SIG and the use of the digital solution Pac. Trust brings Cemil better control and greater productivity, in addition to total visibility of the logistics chain, facilitating the recall of any product.This way, Cemil guarantees the safety and quality of the products”.

In addition to the benefits for production processes and for the end customer, the new solution was also an attempt by Cemil to adapt to the new requirements of retailers, who increasingly demand efficient traceability processes from suppliers. Other advantages for retailers, identified by the company, are:

  • Safety in the rapid handling of deviations
  • Efficiency and accuracy of traceability
  • Expiration data management and FIFO interlocking
  • Delivery tracking
  • Security and assertiveness in deliveries via cross verification

For Warlei Tana, Marketing and Commercial Director at Cemil, “Cemil is a company committed to the quality and safety of its products, always innovating and seeking alternatives to improve our processes. With SIG’s solution, we are ahead of other companies in the segment, offering the market a traceability solution to monitor our products throughout the entire logistics chain,” he said.

Cemil is one of the most important long-life milk and dairy beverage industries in Minas Gerais. In addition to being one of the best-selling brands in the country, with a presence and distribution of products in more than 19 states in Brazil.

It is committed to bringing quality to the customer’s table and contributing to the improvement of the population’s quality of life, encouraging the adoption of healthy habits, whether through the practice of physical activities or the ingestion of foods that are beneficial to health. The industry occupies an area of ​​200 thousand m². It processes more than 800,000 liters of products per day.



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