Sincpress representa Brasil no AIPIA Virtual Congress

O primeiro centro de excelência em embalagens inteligentes (Smart Packaging) da América Latina apresentou cases e soluções em seu estande online

Edson Perin

O congresso e exposição da Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA), o AIPIA Virtual Congress foi realizado sobre uma plataforma 100% online na última quinta-feira. O evento contou com uma grade de palestras com perto de 10 horas de conteúdo (veja mais em AIPIA destaca caso de sucesso da HP Brasil em Smart Packaging), 30 expositores em estandes virtuais, dois AIPIA Challenges com a Takeda e a KraftHeinz, lançamentos exclusivos (leia mais em TalkinThings lança tag NFC por 3 cents) e muito mais.

Realizado virtualmente pela primeira vez em sua história, devido à pandemia de Covid-19, a edição deste ano do evento teve mais de 65 palestrantes transmitindo ao vivo, 210 especialistas atendendo em tempo real nos estandes de 30 empresas patrocinadoras, cinco painéis de discussão e mais de 600 visitantes. “Este evento virtual foi um grande feito da equipe da AIPIA, chefiada pelo nosso diretor executivo Eef de Ferrante”, exclamou Dick De Koning, chairman da AIPIA (Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association), no encerramento do congresso.

Brasileiro Sincpress desenvolve estande virtual com diversos formatos de conteúdos para informar sobre suas atividades ao mercado brasileiro, latino-americano e mundial

O maior evento mundial sobre Embalagens Inteligentes (Smart Packaging) seria realizado em novembro, na cidade de Amsterdã, na Holanda. Mas, em função da pandemia, teve de ser replanejado para uma plataforma online, com custos muito mais baixos do que o evento presencial. Com isso, além de muito mais participantes do que nos eventos presenciais, o congresso facilitou a participação de várias empresas.

Assim, o brasileiro Sincpress, primeiro centro de excelência em embalagens inteligentes da América Latina, desenvolveu um estande virtual com diversos formatos de conteúdos para informar sobre suas atividades e recursos disponíveis para o mercado brasileiro, latino-americano e mundial.

Veja a seguir uma síntese do que foi apresentado pelos expositores do AIPIA Virtual Congress 2020, a maior parte com vídeos de demonstração selecionados pelo IoP Journal:


We are the first Latin America Smart Packaging Center of Excellence!

Our challenge is to apply the most advanced technologies for the development of smart packaging that contribute to product and brand protection, cause a better experience and consumer engagement fos the customers and also minimize the operation environmental impact.

SINCPRESS is the reference center for smart packaging technologies and is able to discuss and guide customers, partners and suppliers the best technical and strategic solutions, regardless of their needs.

Your solution is in Sincpress.

Preferred profiles

We base our strategy into three pillars:

• Brand Protection

One of the great differentials that digital technologies enable is product traceability throughout its life cycle, storing data between supply chains, logistics, resellers, distributors, government agencies and the end customer. Enable the identification of counterfeits and the recovery of stolen items, with the reading of encrypted information in the boxes with tracking on the products, becoming a valuable asset for your company and product.

• Sustainability & Circular Economy

Traditional packaging production models generate huge volumes of waste. With the adoption of smart packaging, it is possible to: digitize most of the information to the consumer, drastically reduce the volume of waste and, with traceability technologies, allow products to be identified until the end of their life cycle, providing, in many cases , its reuse, with a great reduction of the environmental impact with the concepts of circular economy.

• Customer Experience

Through technologies, it is possible to personalize campaigns, manage online actions, direct mailings, billboards, among many other possibilities. To make impactful actions feasible, Sincpress approved large, high-quality, high-speed digital printers that can support your company and its agencies in differentiated campaigns.

Talkin’ Things

Talkin’ Things is a global provider of end-to-end solutions for smart products and a manufacturer of high quality RFID and NFC tags.

We gain trust of clients by delivering high standards of services and products. Our projects are completed 100% in-house with state-of-the art machines and advanced technical design to make sure that the quality will satisfy our clients.

Talkin’ Things in short:

•           Smart packaging one-stop-shop

•           Tags designer, manufacturer & converter

•           Supplier of NFC and RFID, hardware & software


Systech, a solutions division of Markem-Imaje, provides packaging coding, product authentication and traceability solutions to combat counterfeiting and diversion, optimize processes and meet compliance. Built on Systech’s decades of experience as the leader in pharmaceutical serialization and Markem-Imaje’s trusted product identification expertise, our comprehensive brand protection and packaging intelligence suites deliver the accurate real-time insight, actionable product data and digital connectivity needed to fight supply chain threats.

Global brands across industries rely on us to keep their products authentic, safe and connected—from packaging to the consumer’s hands. Together we are optimizing packaging operations and revolutionizing brand protection!

Brand Protection: The Systech Brand Protection Suite™ is the only platform to seamlessly integrate serialization, traceability, authentication and insight. It transforms a simple package barcode to give brand owners end-to-end visibility and actionable, data-driven insight about a specific product as it moves across the supply chain.

Packaging Intelligence: The Systech Packaging Intelligence Suite integrates three key pillars of packaging operations: compliance, waste reduction and efficiency. We build these through structured message design, simpler data management and reliable packaging and coding verification—all while streamlining printing processes and providing traceability of printed information.

Supply Chain Visibility: Systech solutions deliver accurate real-time insight, actionable data and digital connectivity across the supply chain. Get end-to-end visibility and maximize operational excellence with a crossline consolidation of previously inaccessible product and operations data.


We are one of the leading companies in the area of electronic theft-protection and product identification. We offer a huge variety of retail and industry solutions for a smart supply chain, track & trace, brand protection, consumer engagement and smart retail. Find out more about our cloud service and customized smart label with RFID, NFC, RAINFC, Nanogram™, digital secure printing and QR code.

Your global partner to enable and combine the digital elements for increased product value.

One of the biggest printing companies in the world

• 29 production sites

• 3000+ Employees

• 5000+ Customers

Preferred profiles

We lead you through the digital transformation with our core technologies: RAIN RFID, NFC, RAINFC, Nanogram™, QR Code, digital secure printing, LIS.Cloud service We offer: labels, hardware, software, consulting, print services, installation, support.


Zappar is the world’s leading augmented reality platform and creative studio for mobile and web apps. Zappar’s award-winning authoring tools and creative consultancy, enable brands, agencies and license partners across the world to deploy innovative and market-leading AR solutions across the mobile web and native apps. Partners include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nestle, PwC, 7-Eleven, Puma, BBC, Shackleton Whiskey, Kelloggs, Fanta, Walmart, and Yorkshire Tea among others.


ST is a global semiconductor leader delivering intelligent and energy-efficient products and solutions that power the electronics at the heart of everyday life. ST’s products are found everywhere today, and together with our customers, we are enabling a smarter environment, along with the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things devices.

By getting more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for life.augmented.

As a main provider of NFC technology, ST’s complete product portfolio will help you to build the most effective solutions for all of your smart packaging applications

The Internet of Things has opened the potential for billions of “Smart Things”to communicate with each other and improve daily life. NFC is the proximity technology that meets the needs of those smart things: it brings connectivity, convenience, security and a cost-effective implementation.

ST25 is the ideal solution for increasing customer engagement while protecting against counterfeit, grey market or unauthorized distribution. Using smartphone, product authenticity can be checked from manufacturing line to end-user.

As being one of the early pioneers of RFID and NFC technologies, we are present at various markets since 20 years, which give us the opportunity to recognize a wide range of new opportunties.

ST25Connect is the brand name of a new way to enable a NFC based consumer engagement solution for all potential markets looking for a fast “time to market”

Be our guest at the Virtual Booth at AIPIA and discover the benefits of ST25Connect!


Part of the Jenton Group since 2016, Jenton Dimaco offers leading edge label verification and validation equipment. Our combination of hardware and software enables us to provide solutions even in the most demanding application areas such as meat and poultry processing.

Our solution comprises three distinct components:

1.The Hardware – we design and manufacture both stand-alone conveyorized systems with integrated rejection systems as well as systems for integration into existing packaging and labelling machinery. Having manufactured processing related equipment since the 1970s we understand the rigours of these harsh environments and Jenton Dimaco has many systems still in daily use after more than ten years’ service.

2.The Vision Software – Veri-PACK is the software that runs locally on each set of hardware.  It is the software that enables us to read the data from up to four separate labels on each pack – often applied several metres apart – and pass/reject each pack individually.  We can only achieve this in the food processing environment by using our own suite of OCR (optical character recognition) algorithms.  To the best of our knowledge ALL of our competitors use off-the-shelf vision toolboxes – the Jenton Dimaco highly specialised OCR algorithms have been developed by us over twenty years specifically for the purpose of reading labels.

3.The Data Handler – Sitting behind the hardware and vision software is Veri-CETRAL, our SQL server-based database.  Veri-CENTRAL truly is the brains behind the system and provides the data against which the labels are verified and can be fully integrated into the core MRP/ERP system for a fully automatic system.  As well as providing the data it also acts as security gatekeeper, logging each and every change against a registered user, and as a repository for the production data required by these industries.

For further information please take a look at the pdfs or contact us directly.

Thank you.


Digimarc is a pioneer in the automatic identification of media, including packaging, other commercial print, digital images, audio and video. The Digimarc Platform provides innovative and comprehensive automatic identification software and services to simplify search and transform information discovery through unparalleled reliability, efficiency and security. The Digimarc Platform enables applications that benefit retailers and consumer brands, national and state government agencies, media and entertainment industries, and others.

The Digimarc Platform features Digiamrc Barcode, which represents the next generation of data carrier for the retail brands/consumer goods sector. Digimarc Discover software enables consumer phones, associate mobile devices, inventory robots and retail barcode scanners to reliably and efficiently scan Digimarc on product packaging, retail labels, print materiasl (such as catalogs), and other visual and audio media. Retailers using our Platform benefit from easier and faster checkout, product traceability, greater product transparency, improved inventory management, loss prevention, reduced food waste and improved packaging recylability.

Walmart is adding Digimarc Barcode to packaging and labels. To provide Walmart with a complete solution, Digimarc teamed with their partners and suppliers, such as retail barcode scanner manufacturers and scale manufacturers, to seamlessly enable the adoption of the Platform components within Walmart’s ecosystem. Platform support of retailers and consumer brands includes partnerships with many industryleading suppliers. Resulting solutions provide parties engaging the Platform with ready access to its many benefits.

The Platform can also impact product packaging post-consumption. Digimarc has pledged a commitment to improve the reliability and efficiency of sorting plastic waste, signing the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, which is focused on building a Circular Economy for plastics. The Digimarc Platform has also been chosen as the principal technology of the cross-value chain initiative “HolyGrail 2.0” to improve sortation and higher-quality recycling rates for packaging in the European Union (EU). Digimarc was the technology ultimately chosen at the conclusion of the highly publicized HolyGrail 1.0 initiative, which included 29 corporations and was led by Procter & Gamble.


Securikett is a global leader in the area of Smart Packaging solutions, providing security for your original products.

With our unique one-stop-shop concept, we combine tamper evident security labels with our powerful proprietary IoT cloud solution CODIKETT® in order to:

• Protect your original products and brand from counterfeits and illicit trade.

• Provide easy online authentication for all participants, including the end-consumer.

• Gain visibility of your supply and distribution chain by track&trace.

• Get valuable insights from comprehensive business data analytics.

• Optimize your production, supply and sales processes.

• Let your products talk to your customers.

Securikett solutions are found in the luxury, spirits, pharmaceutical, technical and automotive, as well as in many other industries.

Founded in 2001, Securikett today employs about 80 people and exports to over 45 countries, with more than 50% of our products going to the Asian market. In October 2017 we moved to our new headquarters in Münchendorf (near Vienna).

Smart product security by SECURIKETT® – how does it work:

CODIKETT®, our ready to use IoT cloud platform, is the digital response to the challenges of today like GREY MARKET, COUNTERFEITING and NON-TRANSPARENT SUPPLY CHAINS.

The CODIKETT® system enables you to assign unique IDs to your products at item level, thus endowing them each with an individual identity. These IDs can be applied in various ways – as printed codes (human readable, QR, DataMatrix) and with NFC or RFID chips. This allows you to authenticate, identify and retrace every single product. Track&trace throughout the entire supply chain reveals the actual distribution channels. Direct customer communication bridges the gap between product and customer. Data analysis of all product movements generates valuable data for the areas of distribution, supply chain, marketing and production planning.

CODIKETT® main features – one code fits all:

• Full track&trace and monitoring of the distribution channels: grey market detection and traceability to the last known distributor

• Easy online verification including specific content for dedicated user groups (inspectors)

• Dynamic end-consumer communication and end-to-end marketing

• Comprehensive data analysis of the entire flow of goods and recipients

• Supported code carriers: QR code, Data Matrixcode, RFID, NFC – combinations possible

• Transactions are secured by block chain technology

• Compatible with the GS1 standard

• Easy integration into existing systems

SECURIKETT® supports you with the entire planning and implementation process.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a global company with a 140 year history in capturing images and reproducing them on physical media.  Our combined expertise in optics, colour meaurement and visual processing opens up many opportunities, including new ways of creating and interacting with package and label technology.  A strong Research and Development function across Japan, North America and Europe is combined with external expertise and blended by a Business Innovation Center (BIC) function which is entrepreneurial in outlook. 

Konica Minolta is excited to be at AIPIA this year to listen, learn and share some of our latest business and technology concepts.   In particular, brand organisations, agencies and “thinking ahead” printing companies are welcome to discuss with us the possiblity of trialling new technologies and helping us shape the ideas into solutions which deliver new value and better business outcomes for all.  We would like to engage with visitors about their plans for smart labels in general but also in two specific areas (1) consumer applications for label interaction and (2) technologies to improve web to label print services.  Come and chat – we have smart label researchers and Label Press specialists on hand through the day.

IPG – Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a variety of paper and film based pressure-sensitive and water-activated tapes, polyethylene and specialized polyolefin films, protective packaging, engineered coated products and packaging machinery for industrial and retail use. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and Sarasota, Florida, IPG employs approximately 3,500 employees with operations in 31 locations, including 22 manufacturing facilities in North America, four in Asia and one in Europe.

IPG is combining with DSS to provide the next generation of track and trace technologies within our Smart Tape™.


CSCCONNECT is the industry’s first SaaS platform for smart packaging, connecting brands with buyers through augmented reality (AR), NFC, QR, and data analytics.

A universal self-serve toolbox for brands of any type and size, CSCONNECT makes it easy to create frictionless, on-package/in-package digital experiences that drive sales via effective consumer activations.

CSCONNECT captures first-party data as a byproduct of digital interaction with consumers across physical touchpoints and delivers meaningful insights CPG brands need to truly understand their consumers. 

The real-time analytics dashboard provides clear visibility into consumer behavior in-store, product intelligence, and beyond.

A technological spin-off [the packaging market leader, Knoll Packaging] CSCONNECT is introducing a game-changing software focused on democratizing the use of smart packaging solutions by brands and the adoption of “connected products” by consumers. 

CSCONNECT Platform is a massive push towards building a modern, flexible, self-serve tool for smart-packaging advertising campaigns using the latest immersive and interactive tech.  

Brands are eager to use CSCONNECT to tap into the potential of accessible and easy-to-implement augmented reality (AR), as well as NFC and QR connectivity. Numerous pilots are en-cours with some of the leading global brands in the cosmetics and beverages sectors.

The workflow is easy at CSCONNECT. CPG brands create a campaign. Select a technology method. Choose from different templates and experience types, select KPI’s for the campaign. Assign to a connected package and launch a campaign!

The live analytics dashboard creates clear visibility into the consumers buying behavior in store and at home in real time.


Arjo Solutions is one of the leading players in brand protection.

We have been working for more than 15 years with leading international players in pharmaceuticals, perfumes & cosmetics, automotive, agro-chemicals, spirits & beverages, as well as governments, providing them with innovative and secure authentication solutions to fight against illicit trade.



Asahi KASEI will be returning this year with the very latest updates on its state of the art technologies.

We will showcase nanoscale (roll to roll) R2R printing technologies and their potential applications, especially Anti-counterfeit solution using a high-resolution printing process and conductive inks.

Asahi KASEI, which is headquartered in Tokyo, is a highly diversified chemicals corporation, from Material, Housing to Healthcare.

We are mostly recognized as Lithium ion battery invention by our scientist Dr. Yoshino, who was awarded with Nobel prize in 2019.

Now we have been raising our profile in Europe as a main sponsor of WRC, the FIA World Rally Championship, and we are also proud that our colleagues are expected to win a Gold medal in JUDO martial arts at extended Tokyo Olympics game next year.

We are open for future innovations with you all, and you are welcomed to visit our booth with our must-have technologies! See you soon


Unit-level product traceability and authentication are at the core of resilient and agile supply chains.

By tracking an individual product’s unique journey through each step of the supply chain brands can proactively use real data and insights to resolve issues related to product sustainability, production efficiency, regulatory compliance and risk.

Creating augmented products is the only way brands can communicate directly with 100% of their consumers. Delivering personalized experiences in an increasingly competitive and global market. By sharing unit-level authenticity and provenance information with consumers, brands reinforce transparency and build trust, protecting both revenue and reputation.

Kezzler deploys its patented serialization technology to help clients meet challenges from counterfeit goods and unauthorised distribution, to track- and traceability concerns and consumer engagement.

It all started with a bolt

For Kezzler, an accident sparked innovation. In 1989, a fatal plane crash outside of Denmark killed all onboard, the cause: counterfeit bolts which could only bear about 60% of their intended breaking strength.

When the founder of Kezzler Magnar Løken read about this preventable accident, he was determined to find a solution which would ensure that such a tragedy would never happen again. There were already solutions in the market, but he approached the problem from a technological and digital perspective.

The idea that he came up with back in 2002, is still the driving foundation upon which the company is built today.

By placing a unique code on each individual product, it is possible to trace each product back to its origins and to provide proof of authenticity. With a background in cryptology, Magnar came up with a system where it was not necessary to store the code. Creating a very secure and scalable solution that is well suited to high volume products but can also be easily implemented for higher-tier products such as luxury goods.

We are proud of being an innovator in what has now become a global industry

For over 18 years, Kezzler has been championing the commercial advantages of mass unit-level serialization developing ground-breaking patented technologies within the fields of Track & Trace and Aggregation. We are proud of being an innovator in what has now become a global industry. As the company has grown and developed, we have maintained a fundamental belief in the benefits of serialization. When every product has a unique digital Kezzler identity, we can solve real-world problems in a sustainable way.


AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – is one of the leading semiconductor providers focused on components and value-added services and products that are typically being used in RFID transponders and readers, chip cards, security access modules, NFC and IoT devices. AdvanIDe works with leading card manufacturers, security and state printers, transponder manufacturers, OEMs and system-developers. The company’s clients supply their products and solutions into applications such as access-management, hospitality, loyalty, automated fare collection, smart city applications, object identification, eGovernment, financial services, M2M security, authentication and IoT.

AdvanIDe had revenues of USD 160M in 2019 and operates from 13 locations in international locations and three representative offices in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. AdvanIDe is jointly owned by key employees and the Japan South East Asia Growth Fund L.P.

Additional information can be found on


Wiliot is building the first battery-free Bluetooth® tags that power themselves by harvesting energy from ambient radio waves.

A computer the size of a postage stamp, with processing power and sensors, opens up a world of possibilities in packaging from the birth of a product to repurposing. Common devices like smartphones or Wi-Fi gateways can now identify products, bringing to life many applications in intelligent packaging, connected products, logistics, and asset tracking.

Wiliot’s goal is to remove the need for maintenance, and the limits to lifetime, and to have a form factor that doesn’t impinge on the look or use of the product but rather adds to its functionality. Wiliot tags can sense temperature and usage while securely managing a unique digital ID for each product. Wiliot is ‘connecting everything’ continuously in real time, giving a unique ID and self awareness to all products, transforming the way products are made, distributed, sold, owned, and recycled.

Wiliot was founded by the leadership of the Gigabit Wi-Fi pioneer Wilocity, a group of wireless engineers experienced in building new products and the ecosystems required for their success. Wiliot has a research and development team based in Israel, and offices in Germany, Ukraine, California (US), and Australia.

Wiliot’s investors include Amazon, Alibaba, Verizon, PepsiCo, Qualcomm, Samsung, Avery Dennison, Merck, and NTT DOCOMO.

Members of the ‘Works with Wiliot’ Partner Program are Avery Dennison, HP Aruba, SATO, Mist, Deloitte, Evrythng, Estimote, Tadbik, and Fanstel. Wiliot is currently engaged in 22 prototype projects covering a wide array of industries including retail, CPG, pharma, logistics, automotive. Mass production is scheduled for 2020.


TecSense is the innovative supplier of optical sensor systems for the measurement of oxygen and CO2 in gases and liquids for industrial, food and environmental monitoring.

TecSense produces sensors for in-line process control as well as handheld and laboratory devices for development and process monitoring. Fields of application are the food and food packaging industry, the biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as welding processes. All sensors meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, operate digitally and provide the measured data via data lines or wirelessly.


Toppan targets further growth as a creator of social value and an essential partner in enabling solutions for customers on all fronts. Our philosophy is based on using our privileged position as a leading presence in the fields of information and culture to contribute to fulfilling lives for everyone. We have expanded into diverse businesses centered on a core of printing technologies over the 120 years since Toppan’s founding and today drive co-creation in partnership with customers through our team of more than 50,000 employees at 160 locations worldwide.

In a time of rapid diversification, we are transforming the way in which we provide value. Looking towards 2025, Toppan has set out Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education & Cultural Exchange, Urban Space & Mobility, and Energy & Food Resources as four growth fields in which we can create the most value for society. At the same time, we are focusing on expanding both global operations and cutting-edge, new businesses.

The digital revolution has brought a paradigm shift to modern society. Correspondingly, Toppan is developing and providing a greater range of end-to-end solutions that combine our core printing technologies with new, transformative technologies meeting the changing needs of the market. A key part of this is driving digital transformation, where we will concentrate on such areas as digital marketing and manufacturing to even better serve our customers from every angle. We are also expanding globally with a focus on security solutions, where we can leverage superior technical capabilities, and packaging and décor materials, where population increase will drive market expansion.

Toppan will continue to transform and innovate as it aspires to be a vital partner that creates value and plays an essential role in society.

Creating New Value and Addressing Social Issues

Printing technology has transformed human culture and society immeasurably.

Since its foundation, TOPPAN has extended and advanced applications for printing technologies to develop a unique system that provides solutions based on these leading-edge technologies.

By continuing to change our businesses qualitatively so that they provide a broad range of solutions for social issues, we will progress even further as a social-value creator.

Security Solutions

“Trust is the basis of society”

A trusted partner for governments, central banks and financial institutions ever since we began printing share certificates in 1902, Toppan is a global leader in Cash/Cashless Solutions (smart card printing and banknote technology); Identity Solutions (passport and government ID issuing systems); and Product Authentication Solutions (anticounterfeit technology for goods). Our know-how keeps citizens safe and the world’s economy moving.

IoT and Track & Trace

Toppan offers programs and services across the entire spectrum of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection for a diverse range of customers, always with the goal of staying one step ahead of would-be counterfeiters and other criminals.

Packaging Solutions

Toppan has over a century of expertise in in Packaging and the comprehensive solutions and varied packaging options we offer reflect that long history. We handle every stage of the process from developing and manufacturing materials to package filling.


KURZ is a worldwide leader in thin film technology with over 5,500 employees.

KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional coatings that are applied to carrier foils and employed for a wide variety of products: for automotive components, cell phones, TVs, washing machines, furniture, packaging, books, textiles, bottle labels, bank cards and lots more.

KURZ coatings decorate products, enhance brands, label goods, protect surfaces and prevent counterfeiting. Moreover, KURZ inserts optical elements with digital functions, linking the visual to the virtual world.

KURZ provides complete solutions that include project consultancy plus machine and die technology. The KURZ Group has over 30 sites worldwide and produces under standardized quality and environmental standards in Europe, Asia, and the USA. With a global network of subsidiaries, agencies and sales offices, we ensure short paths, reliable delivery and individual on-site assistance.


Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection Solutions is a leader in a broad range of premium active packaging systems and processing equipment for fresh-cut fruits, vegetables and seafood. The company develops custom packaging solutions including proprietary anti-microbial technology, a range of packing trays, pouches, retail and mini containers, slicing equipment, lidding film, and tray-sealing technology. Aptar’s Food Protection Solutions applies its unique packaging science along with its equipment and processing expertise to develop advanced systems that help extend freshness and enhance safety for fresh-cut produce and seafood. The company is part of AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active packaging solutions. Aptar uses insights, design, engineering and science to create dosing, dispensing and protective packaging technologies for the world’s leading brands, in turn making a meaningful difference in the lives, looks, health and homes of millions of people around the world. Aptar’s innovative solutions serve a variety of end markets including pharmaceutical, beauty, personal care, home, food and beverage. The company is headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois and has 14,000 dedicated employees in 20 countries. For more information, visit


MagID from Inspectron brings sophisticated track&trace abilities to any brand, including SMEs. MagID is a totally new way to mark products overtly or covertly, supported by a highly flexible cloud-based platform. MagID codes are simply printed, therefore very suitable for high-volume products that don’t necessarily warrant expensive RFID solutions.

Inspectron combines outstanding technical expertise with world-class solutions where security, accountability and traceability are key factors.  This includes passports/ID cards, bank notes, credit cards and transactional documents.

Please visit our booth at this fair to find out more!

MagID by Inspectron is a unique, patented technology using codes printed in magnetic ink. Based on a simple idea, it is a result of many years working with high security printers, developing passports and banknote security features, combinted with state-of-the art magnetic sensor technology. Whilst MagID is very applicable in high-security areas, we know that there is fast-growing demand for low-cost track & trace markings and systems across many sectors.

Dubbed “chip-less NFC”, at a fraction of the cost, MagID is ideal for high-volume covert markings. Upon swiping the item with a MagID reader, brand owners can gain real-time data on the progress of an item through the supply chain. It can also be used to authenticate items, to help combat the growing problem of counterfeit or grey-market products.


• Codes can be printed on inside of packaging, or under labels, yet still be readable

• Flexible back-end system allowing very different applications

• Self-service or fully-serviced options

• Data owned and controlled by brand owner

• Self-service platform and low-cost marks make this advanced track&trace system attractive to SMEs

• Enhances brand and consumer safety.

We are looking for companies with market-diversion challenges, or companies that want to trace their items througout the supply chain.


Identiv, Inc. is a global provider of physical security and secure identification. Identiv’s products, software, systems, and services address the markets for physical and logical access control, video analytics, and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications. Customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare, banking, retail, and transportation sectors rely on Identiv’s access and identification solutions. Identiv’s mission is to secure the connected physical world: from perimeter to desktop access, and from the world of physical things to the Internet of Everything.

Annual sales of counterfeit goods total a staggering $1.7 trillion worldwide. All consumers face the risk of buying fake products. Enter Identiv’s NFC-based solutions with tamper-detecting technology for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. End-to-end authenticity is ALWAYS the goal.


The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™ is the platform you need to run your business differently: smarter, more efficiently.

Know what your products know: see beyond what your existing systems and partners tell you. Access real-time and actionable information from the billions of product items you make and sell.

Why Consumer Goods Brands partner with EVRYTHNG.

EVRYTHNG’s customers see & learn from every point in each product’s journey, end-to-end from factory to consumer. They can follow individual items through the value chain, control how they reach their customers, and use their products to actively engage consumers.

EVRYTHNG helps businesses use this information to operate with agility & integrity, and gather & apply data intelligence.

EVRYTHNG’s customers include the world’s leading brands, in sectors ranging from food & beverages to home goods to beauty to apparel and pharma.

Leading with innovation and driving the standards.

EVRYTHNG is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s prestigious Global Innovators community. An originator of the technology adopted by GS1 to upgrade the global barcode standard to connect every consumer product to the web, EVRYTHNG recently won Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas award for bringing transparency, authenticity, and personalized experiences to the consumer products industry.  EVRYTHNG’s founders originated the W3C Web of Things.

Brand Protection

EVRYTHNG provides rapid detection of integrity threats and impacts through real-time data science, product traceability and authentication data gathered end-to-end from manufacture to the consumer.

Visibility and Transparency

EVRYTHNG provides the collection and integration of granular data across each stage of the supply chain. Data is organized for application with real-time analytical intelligence for response identification, workflow automation and visualization.

Consumer Engagement

EVRYTHNG provides the platform to operate products as a scalable, direct-to-consumer channel, providing dynamic, personalized & context-driven consumer experiences, while gathering rich, real-time, first-party data.


Recycl3R provides a service of recycling information for connected products and allows the rewarding of the recycling actions of the consumers. Through your own application, or our white label application (mobile or web), we provide a useful service to easily engage with your consumers and improve your public image.

We use Blockchain and IoT technologies to obtain reliable and valuable information in real time and with profiles to know in detail the behavior of the consumer, thus increasing your business intelligence.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the environmental field, we know that consumers demand tools to recycle easier, simpler and obtain incentives to do so. All our service has been designed and implemented with the intention to meet the needs of consumers, but also to use that need to help brands improve and increase their revenue.


Entering the private sector in 1979, Complete Inspection Systems created the first online validated vision system pharmaceutical label security in the United States. In 1981, we were the first to use laser scanners for on-line bar code verification in packaging, introducing 2D and Code 128 for packaging. In 1982, we developed the first vision system for verifying product authenticity by image analysis.

In 2014 Gary Parish partnered with David Naddor the inventor of HD Barcode creating a range of secure solutions for the positive identification of individuals. We just completed a new addition for our code with biometric partner, Tech5. With Tech5 we have the ability to place their color photo, fingerprints, and/or facial recognition template of an individual in the code itself and print it on an ID card or document.

What makes HD Barcode different from other codes?

Offers a unique proprietary 2D barcode for each manufacturer

Only assigned persons can load and read codes in the field

Code Print generation software is kept secure and unique to that manufacturer

The manufacturer can incorporate a tremendous amount of data into the code that refers to information unique on the products only they know

Information and location of data can be different for each area  and can change as required by date or revision

Positivity Identify and Authenticate Products without having to create a massive database and lookup tables

Does not require the use of the Internet

Use all existing processes and technology

Additional information useful to the manufacturer for recall

Can replace limited product revision information

Extreme cost savings

Optional Brand  Authentication Solutions

1.HD SmartCode on Label or Carton

2.HD SmartCode Printed with Special UV Ink

3.HD SmartCode with Anti-Copy Features

4.HD SmartCode MicroCode

5.HD SmartCode Track and Trace

6.HD SmartCode with GPS Geo-Mapping

HD Barcode has created working relationships with the following Agencies and Manufacturers

•U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

•US Government Publishing Office

•Secret Service

•Prince Georges County Police Department

•IriTech Biometric Systems

•PPG industries: Teslin Division

•CCL Industries: Labeling and Security

The HD SmartCode: Multiple Solutions in One Code

Incorporating HD SmartCode with printing and packaging materials would provide detailed information that not only helps approved personnel identify and authenticate products but also obtain information about each component that makes up a product. An example would be tying bottles, labels, inserts, cartons, blisters, and pouches together. By utilizing a low-cost solution like HD SmartCode, all of this can be achieved without having to develop and maintain a costly enterprise system.

With the ability to embed massive amounts of data within a printed 2D code, companies can add information such as Directions for Use in multiple languages. This information would be available to personnel and or customers via smartphone or department store kiosks. This aspect of HD SmartCode is the most vital, as the information is readily available to users with the approved application. Even when there’s no wired or wireless connectivity, the data is still accessible.

With regards to security enhancements, changing the location of covert anti-counterfeiting information for each run would increase the difficulty for counterfeiters to replicate a product. Indicating the locations of these hidden features within a locked HD SmartCode would assist authorized personnel to confirm the authenticity of a product quickly and accurately.

HD SmartCode can be utilized in conjunction with the standardized GS1 coding system. Adding pre-print content within the encrypted HD SmartCode on one package along with redundant data to an inkjet or hot stamped GS1 code, which is printed during the final packaging operation, would allow operators to read and match data from both codes. Taking security a step further, companies can add unique markings to tablets and capsules during the manufacturing process that would be difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce, acquire an example image of the final product, and embed this image within the HD SmartCode. This image can be utilized to compare against the physical product for instant authentication in the field. Should there be signs of tampering or indication of counterfeiting, direct access to the companies support site can be found via a hyperlink that’s embedded within the code.

tesa scribos


Pushing the boarders of brand protection: Protection. Interaction. Transparency.

Our customised security features give each of your products a secure and unique identity. When combined with intuitive digital tools, they become a powerful solution for effective protection against counterfeiting, grey market and unauthorized production. Furthermore, they allow you to interact with your customers and gain valuable market insights, giving you a crucial advantage over the competition.

As a full subsidiary of tesa, we are part of tesa SE within the Beiersdorf Group. The profound experience of Beiersdorf in international brand management with its own global brands such as Nivea and Eucerin, as well as the expertise of tesa with market-leading adhesive solutions, is merged with the pioneering expertise in intelligent marking solutions and digital tools of tesa scribos. This exceptional combination enables us to design unique solutions for our international customers from all kinds of industries. Based on detailed consultations, we develop, customize and implement solutions – all from one source. Our clients include world-leading companies such as Peugeot, Bosch, Castel, Danone and Chloé.

From adhesive tape as a data storage medium to global supplier of product markings and digital applications

The extensive experience of Beiersdorf AG in the international brand management of its own global brands such as Nivea and Eucerin and the expertise of tesa® in market-leading adhesive solutions are combined with the pioneering capabilities of tesa scribos® in the field of intelligent marking solutions.

At tesa scribos® we let your products talk: we use secure labels and markings to link products to digital platforms and systems. This enables us to help our customers fight counterfeiting and grey market trade, engage with their customers, acquire market knowledge and implement Track & Trace. And we’ve been doing this for 20 years. But do you know our story?

It all began with two physicists and a tesafilm® transparent adhesive tape …

University of Heidelberg, 1998. Physicists Dr Steffen Noethe and Matthias Gerspach were investigating whether information could be stored on simple transparent tesafilm® adhesive tape and then read out digitally. In the late 90s this was something completely new! And the two physicists had actually succeeded: they were able to store data – invisible to the human eye – on simple adhesive tape. To achieve this, they developed an innovative laser marking process called lithographic marking. The discovery was covered by the German-speaking press and even made it onto television. Finally, tesa SE – the company producing this tesafilm® adhesive tape – became aware of the project. And so it was that in 2001 tesa scribos GmbH was founded as a full subsidiary of tesa SE.

Data storage or anti-counterfeiting solution?

Noethe and Gerspach identified two possible applications for their discovery. On the one hand, they could optimise the storage capacity of adhesive film so that it could hold large amounts of data such as media and documents: tesafilm® as a transparent, easy-to-transport storage medium.

On the other hand, the researchers could develop unique markings for branded products to make it possible to distinguish between counterfeits and genuine products: tesafilm® as a sort of product passport to combat counterfeiting.

These ideas coincided with the rapid evolution of storage media that began in the late 1990s. CDs and DVDs entered the market. This made the decision an easy one: from that point on, tesa scribos® focused on developing counterfeit-proof product identities. And it paid off: thanks to the continuous development of our high-tech product markings, there has not been a single successful imitation attempt since the company was founded.

Digital pioneers: from counterfeit protection label to secure touchpoint to enter the digital world

Right from the start, we didn’t just focus on counterfeit-proof product labels. We have also developed digital features that can be combined with the anti-counterfeiting markings. Back in 2009, tesa scribos® launched the tesa® Connect & Check digital platform. Even then, brand owners could use the system to track where counterfeits of their products were appearing around the world. And that was just the beginning!

Today, our labels and markings act as a secure gateway to the digital world. And our customers are able to use them in a multitude of applications in areas such as customer interaction, grey market protection, counterfeit protection, market knowledge and track & trace: We let our customers’ products talk, offering them the new benefits of digitalisation. More than 500 customers worldwide put their trust in our expertise, including global brands such as Peugeot, Bosch, Castel, Danone and Chloé.


Tapwow has the software solutions to power your company in the coming smart packaging revolution.

DIRX2 from Tapwow is the open standard for smart packaging allowing any packager, digital agency, technology or consulting company to offer a complete smart packaging solution to their customers.  Designed for brands, the platform features easily-deployed, configurable customer engagegement experiences that connect seamlessly to supply chain information to facilitate track and trace, product diversion analysis, anti-counterfeiting and recycling.   It is only with compelling customer engagement that  you can create the Digital Customer Audit of your supply chain.

At Tapwow we believe the first step is the most important in your smart packaging journey.  Ask us how we can help you get started.

Preferred profiles

DIRX2 from Tapwow is the perfect smart packaging platform for:

•           Brands

•           Packagers/converters

•           Tag vendors

•           Technology partners

•           Digital agencies

•           Line & system intgerators


Syntegon Technology is a leading global process and packaging technology provider. Formerly the packaging division of the Bosch Group, the company, headquartered in Waiblingen (Germany), has been offering complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries for over 50 years. More than 6,100 employees at 30 locations in more than 15 countries generated a total revenue of 1.3 billion euros in 2019. The portfolio of intelligent and sustainable technologies includes stand-alone machines, as well as complete systems and services. Fields of application in the pharmaceutical industry are the production, processing, filling, inspection and packaging of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals (e.g. syringes and capsules). In the food industry, the portfolio includes process technology for confectionery as well as packaging solutions for dry foods (e.g. bars, bakery products and coffee), frozen foods and dairy products.Syntegon Technology is a leading global process and packaging technology provider. Formerly the packaging division of the Bosch Group, the company, headquartered in Waiblingen (Germany), has been offering complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries for over 50 years. More than 6,100 employees at 30 locations in more than 15 countries generated a total revenue of 1.3 billion euros in 2019. The portfolio of intelligent and sustainable technologies includes stand-alone machines, as well as complete systems and services. Fields of application in the pharmaceutical industry are the production, processing, filling, inspection and packaging of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals (e.g. syringes and capsules). In the food industry, the portfolio includes process technology for confectionery as well as packaging solutions for dry foods (e.g. bars, bakery products and coffee), frozen foods and dairy products.

New Dimensions in Sustainable Packaging

Longer, wider, taller – that was yesterday. Less, thinner, more innovative – that’s what tomorrow’s dimensions in packaging are all about. The issues of climate change and plastic waste are too big for business as usual. That’s why we’re trying something new by reinventing packaging. And we want to think “new” with you to deliver sustainable packaging solutions that benefit the environment and your business success. You’re the packaging designer, materials specialist, or food manufacturer. We‘re the packaging technology experts. Together, we can make the transition to sustainable packaging happen.

Our Solutions

A retrofit or a new system? A country-specific or a global solution? A granola bar or a dairy product? Primary or secondary packaging? As far as we’re concerned, that “or” is an “and” because ecofriendly solutions from Syntegon cover every aspect of packaging. And we’re all set to reset priorities. Join us in transitioning from plastic to paper, from composites to mono-materials, and from today to tomorrow.

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