System ensures operational efficiency for IoP

Dynatrace’s platform tracks the entire technology infrastructure for errors through artificial intelligence that meets the demands imposed by Covid-19

Edson Perin

To imagine that systems are always running without errors is almost a dream. To enable data obtained by Internet of Packaging (IoP) technologies to be used in the best possible way and with the maximum use in business, the Dynatrace has developed a platform that ensures operational efficiency for IoP solutions, since it tracks systems in search of problems through artificial intelligence, a humanly impossible task.

Roberto de Carvalho, Dynatrace’s vice president for Latin America, says the platform’s resources help meet the demands imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Who is at the forefront of the digital transformation is not the CIO [the companies’ chief information technology executive] nor the CEO. Today it’s Covid-19,” explaining that with the pandemic many companies have had to adapt quickly to the New Normal, which has meant accelerating the digital transformation.

The platform, says Carvalho, “makes it possible to see in real time how the systems are working, safely and reliably”. Dynatrace has focused on the Internet of Things and conducted a study that shows that 74% of CIOs fear that IoT performance problems may disrupt operations and harm their revenues. More than two-thirds of CIOs say IoT will become a major challenge to operations by multiplying the complexity and size of corporate Cloud ecosystems.

The independent survey of 800 CIOs worldwide reveals that 78 percent of respondents believe there is a risk that their organizations will deploy IoT strategies without a plan or solution in place to manage the performance of the complex cloud ecosystems that support the launches.

In fact, 69% of executives suspect that smart devices will become a major challenge for performance management, as they will possibly cause companies to overcome the growing complexity of the cloud environment.

According to Carvalho, the climbing of IoT is surprising and will require new systems. Thus, 84% of the companies believe that Artificial Intelligence resources and automation of IoT processes will lead to the success of their Internet of Things strategies.

The global report “Taming the Complexity of Web-Scale IoT Applications: The Top 5 Challenges” was commissioned by Dynatrace from the Vanson Bourne office. The survey collected data from the United States, European Union, China, United Kingdom and Brazil.

Watch the full interview of Roberto de Carvalho, Dynatrace VP, to Edson Perin, senior journalist and founder of IoP Journal:



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