Successful Coca-Cola campaign uses packaging as media

The initiative was supported and developed by Evrythng, chosen by the company to directly involve consumers through digital media

Edson Perin

Coca-Cola has chosen Evrythng to transform billions of cans and bottles into intelligent, proprietary media channels, revolutionizing the way you do business directly with consumers. The company today has a base of more than 1.9 billion packages that bring its products to billions of consumers in more than 200 countries each day.

Coca-Cola’s challenge has been to engage directly with consumers digitally, with Coca-Cola products activated to provide individual context and mobile experiences. This has been seen as an opportunity to deploy marketing strategies based on real-time data.

Campanha da Coca-Cola na Alemanha em jogos de futebol

The intelligence captured by this direct involvement with the consumer has become very rich. The solution was one of the first implementations of a seasonal campaign for the German public, involving the Bundesliga and using its products as its own media channel.

Consumers were encouraged to connect using a smartphone with specially digitally designed Coca-Cola cans, each printed with different football club logos. By scanning the can of a favourite club, consumers can win a football and a shirt.

The home page of the promotion – a virtual football game – gave the personalized and contextual information based on the SKU of the product, with time, date and geographical location in real time. The Evrythng IoT SaaS platform managed the data in real time between products and consumers.

Coca-Cola had access to real-time data intelligence as well, which supported the company’s precision marketing and integrated CRM initiatives.

According to Michael Schwarz, head of digital acceleration at Coca-Cola Western Europe, Evrythng’s IoT platform met all our technical requirements. “With billions of products always active in Europe, we needed the chosen solution to be future-proof and scalable to handle customized real-time experiences for high sales volumes.

As a result, the campaign exceeded all targets for involvement and verification of volumes and conversion rates. Digitally enabled Coca-Cola products have proven to be the most effective way to drive traffic and engagement to Coca-Cola’s proprietary platforms, generating more interactions than other media, such as graphic ads or social media.

About 10% of web traffic came from users who digitized products, superior to any other media source and surpassing other Coca-Cola channels. In addition, all scans generated rich data, including product details, team preference, user profile and history, geographic location, time and date.

The campaign’s debut was so successful that Coca-Cola expanded the initiative beyond Germany to create direct digital connections with consumers through its products in 28 markets in Europe and North America.



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