Smart Packaging is back on the main stage

After the pandemic, AIPIA will once again hold face-to-face events on Smart Packaging and the first, in Chicago, will focus on the use of solutions as a marketing tool

Edson Perin

Smart packaging is back in focus and on the main stage, after a long period of impact from the Covid-19 pandemic. AIPIA (Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association), an important global stimulator of the Smart Packaging market, is once again holding face-to-face events after a long journey of virtual ones.

In an exclusive interview with IoP Journal, AIPIA Communications Director Andrew Manly, one of the world’s leading experts in Smart Packaging, narrated the current opportunities that companies around the world can conquer with the use of solutions ranging from barcodes, QR Codes, Digital Printing, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC) and other high-performance technologies.

Smart Packaging has many proven benefits such as brand protection, product tracking and anti-counterfeiting. “From the earliest stages of their development, brand owners have focused heavily on the consumer engagement attributes of these technologies,” says Manly. “In the digital age, being connected to your customer is vital to building a close and mutually beneficial relationship, as well as providing important marketing metrics on consumer behavior.”

Watch the interview: click here.

Click to watch: Edson Perin, IoP Journal, and Andrew Manly, AIPIA, talk about Smart Packaging as a Marketing Tool

To attend the AIPIA Smart Packaging event in Chicago and the Congress in November, click here.