Packaging can actively help with the diet

Apps for smartphones and smart packaging can make it easier to control people’s calories and even avoid allergy triggers

Edson Perin

Using an app that can tell how many calories each food scanned through a smartphone has and still discount this information from the programmed diet for each individual is among the advances being prepared by smart packaging from Tetra Pak. Cássio Simões, sales director for the company in Brazil, explains.

Simões, author of the article New horizons for the packaging industry recently published by IoP Journal, ensures that smart packaging can help consumers even avoid foods containing substances they are allergic to. “If you’re in Russia [or China], you can read through an app what the product has to do with its nutritional composition and even be warned about substances that cause you allergies,” explains the executive.

Tetra Pak’s sales director also says that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated e-commerce and the need to work more with the experience that the customer can have with the packages and warns about the importance of sustainability. “Some people said that with the pandemic the importance of sustainability could be reduced among consumers, but this is not what happens in practice”.

Watch below the full interview with Cássio Simões, from Tetra Pak.



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