GS1: Smart Packaging connects the physical and digital worlds

With the Digital Link standard, both bar codes and digital printing can offer product information, from supply chain to final customers

Edson Perin

Aware of technological developments worldwide and with the mission to standardize the identification of products in bar codes, radio frequency identification (RFID) and digital printing, GS1 created a platform (GS1 Registry Platform) that allows all the supply chain and also consumers of a product access accurate information of expiring date, lot number, characteristics, among other information that benefit or control even the authenticity of the goods.

IoP Journal listened to Virginia Villaescusa Vaamonde, CEO of GS1 Brasil, about this initiative and others, including those related to Covid-19 (watch the interview video below, in Portuguese). For example, a business platform launched by the Brazilian Automation Association – GS1 Brasil for small and medium-sized companies. The free service that serves 58 thousand companies associated with GS1 Brasil facilitates networking and the expansion of sales channels.

“The idea is to approach industries – mainly the smallest ones – physically and online,” says Virginia. With the initiative, GS1 intends to act as a facilitator for commercial exposure of companies on the Internet, expanding actions to new markets and sales channels. The business platform has 50 product categories, which are divided between sectors such as food and beverages, healthcare, perfumery, footwear, clothing, household items, electronics, tools and construction, pet, gardening, cleaning and others.

Virginia Villaescusa Vaamonde, CEO of GS1 Brasil

As companies can be part of the platform, they must sign up to receive guidance and services related to GS1. Companies have access to B2B and B2C deals. The project was developed in 45 days and had as a starting point the difficulties identified in a survey of GS1 carried out with its associates, since the beginning of the social isolation of Covid-19.

The biggest difficulties faced by the companies interviewed in the survey of GS1 are the reduction in turnover and the need to diversify business to adapt to the new reality. Access to the platform is through the link



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