Consumers demand more transparent companies

Knowing where each product came from is at the basis of new demands from 21st century buyers, says Alex Modro, executive at Avery Dennison’s Brazilian subsidiary

Edson Perin

Advanced Internet of Packaging (IoP) technologies underlie the new needs of consumers in the 21st century, which assume that companies need to be more transparent and able to indicate where each product comes from and where it has gone. This is the conclusion of Alex Modro, executive of the Brazilian subsidiary of Avery Dennison and responsible for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and their respective solutions.

According to Modro, new technologies have come to improve supply chain processes in different industries and markets, increasing the identification and tracking of products, which guarantees a visibility power that was unimaginable, a few years ago, for executives of big or small brands. “It is a revolution, with flexibility gains”, says Modro. “RFID is a technology that has been generating these gains, with a mountain of information that has given managers much more visibility”.

Avery Dennison executive points out, however, that it is not only RFID that has caused this phenomenon and cites other technologies such as Barcodes, NFC tags [Near Field Communication] and QR Codes as part of this transformation scenario. “These technologies also help to offer a better Consumer Experience, who today want more transparent companies; companies that focus on sustainability, for example”.

Modro sees that the experience that the consumer has with the products has been increasing beyond the end of the life of the item in question, after all, the proper disposal of packaging is also among the goals of human beings after the consumption of a commodity. “In addition, there are brands that already ask that the label of your product speaks in a personalized way with the consumer”, he exemplifies. “And the connected world has made these technologies arrive more quickly in Brazil”.

In the videotaped interview for the IoP Journal, Alex Modro was also asked about Avery Dennison’s expectations for the Smart Packaging market in Brazil and worldwide; which technologies should stand out in this segment; how Avery Dennison’s technology can assist companies in a variety of industries at this critical time in Covid-19; and beyond.

Click below and check out the full interview with Alex Modro, from Avery Dennison, in Portuguese:



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